1,000,000 Posts


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This has been going on another forum I post on. The idea is to have 1,000,000 posts in the thread. It'd be neat if we managed to do it. Especially if we were the first to do it on this forum software!

All you have to do is reply to the thread with the number of your post. If you want to add some random conversation in as well, that's fine. However:

You're not allowed to spam the thread (someone else has to have posted before you can post again)
You are allowed to bump the thread if it hasn't been responded to in 12 hours.



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Ain't nothing wrong with having a high post count, or boosting it easily, providing your posts are relevant to threads ;)

Besides, the MLF has been going for nearly two years now I think - it's about time someone had 10,000 posts.



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I really think we should use this as an opportunity to write a giant epic poem about butts.

It should be called A Cyberspacial Ode to Butts. Because butts are awesome. Excellent piece of design. You can even talk about manbutts, animal butts, guitar butts, cigarette butts... it's your call, as long as it's about butts and you add the post number by the end of it!