1. everfreetree

    NGD - Vintage Crust Edition

    I once had a Gretsch... It was shiny and new, Fairlane Blue, and played beautifully... But not long after I bought it, I found myself suddenly in a crappy financial spot ($350 water bill from a leak will do that to you...), and we had to part ways, all too soon. I said I'd replace it, as best I...
  2. broadbandcorpse

    For Sale Vintage VSA540 Semi-Hollow (335) Guitar

    No longer made Vintage guitars copy of Dave Grohl's Gibson 335. Upgraded with warman locking tuners, this beauty comes with a tusq nut, wilkinson hardware, dimarzio cliplock strap and a very nice epiphone hardcase. Plays great and pickups sound so good I didn't bother upgrading them. Ideally...
  3. Joey

    N(V)AD: Double down

    So, it's here. If you don't already know from the picture, its a Marshall Super Bass from 1980 (model no. 1992). The tolex is well worn but internally the components function perfectly (recently serviced by Stoneham Amplification). Some more pics: Great sounding head! I'm yet to...
  4. Felix

    Feeler Some Of My Rare Boss Pedals

    Hey all, Currently I have 11 Boss pedals and tbh I don't use that many and I have a few pedals that do almost the same thing as others in my collection. The ones I am thinking of selling are..... DS-1 , This is the classic Boss distortion pedal. It's perfect for replicating Kurt Cobain's...
  5. Joey

    Sold 1964/5 Gibson SG Junior

    Those who like their guitars pristine should read no further. Another guitar and a holiday this year is meaning I need to move on my SG. :dog: See pictures for condition. There are no structural breaks or deficiencies on the guitar, everything in terms of wear is purely cosmetic. Someone gave...
  6. bad alice

    Sold Set of Fender Custom Shop 69 single coils

    Looking to trade, sell or part exchange my set of Fender Custom Shop '69 single coil pickups for something a little bit hotter (between 6-7k DC) This set of 69s all measure 5.3k (they have the number 54 written in each of them which my investigations on the Fender forum revealed was probably a...