1. T

    Amp choice for Gary Moore/ David Gilmour tones - losing my hair.

    Hi guys, I'll try and keep this simple and hopefully your wisdom will help me. Quick notes: Beginner Prs se custom 24. 85/15's Preferred amp: (will get either at some point) Fender bassbreaker 15 with (eventually)blues driver pedal. Laney Lionheart L5t-112 with tube screamer/delay/bd pedals...
  2. Josh Stead

    For Sale PRS Mark Holcomb SE Whale Blue - (Brand New)

    I've got this absolutely beautiful PRS Mark Holcomb in the limited edition whale blue satin finish, there are supposedly only 100 of these released, and only in Europe. I literally just bought it two weeks ago, and I'm sad to get rid of it. In a lot of ways I do love it but I bought it sight...
  3. I demand satisfaction

    NGD - Reclaimed Content

    UPS came right at the start of the delivery window. Win! They left me with this: I opened it up and found this inside: Which, in turn, had this inside: Following the neck down: There it is:
  4. Dex

    Sold PRS McCarty 594 10 Top McCarty Sunburst

    With much reluctance I'm selling my much loved 594. Funds are needed to go towards a new motorbike for a desert rally next year. Mint condition with case, tags, accessories etc. This is the actual guitar featured in the Andertons video: £2700. Collection preferred (Ealing, West London) but...