1. IvoPais

    Chapman ML3 Bea Neck

    Hi Guys, I want to get a ml3 Bea, but i’m not sure about the neck....can you tell me if the neck profile is similar to a modern “c” shape from fender? Tkx
  2. punchlinecharlie

    ML3 Bea Neck pickup

    Hello all! I'm looking at replacing the pickups in my ML3 Bea soon, and I was wondering if the neck pickup on my Bea is tele or strat sized? It'll be a Duncan hot rails or lil 59, and I notice the size difference between the tele and strat is noticeable. It looks like a tele pickup, but I want...
  3. D

    Change PRS SE Custom 24 per ML3 BEA?

    Hi, I have the ability to swap my PRS SE Custom 24 for a Ml3 Bea smoke. Personally I already own the ML3 Baritone Bea Crimson, and I am in love. I'd like to know whether to change the PRS for Chapman, whether it's really worth it or not much difference. Thank you!
  4. Brad_A

    Very noisy Chapman Henchman mini-rail humbucker. Grounding?

    I got my new ML3-Bea Baritone today. Awesome guitar. Fantastic neck, Love the tone of the pickups, but when I put on a little (or a lot) of gain, the neck pickup is really noisy when not being played. This is the Henchman mini rails humbucker. If i grab the connector end of the patch cable...