jaden rose

  1. A-D-L

    Sold Pink Salvo (Jaden Rose) aka Lily

    Yoyoyo, so this is up for sale now. I have new gear coming in and there is no more space in my rack and I can't get a bigger one. I got this mostly for the floyd but it turns out I don't use it as much as I thought. Recently got it back from Sound Affects after a setup and string change. Plays...
  2. Alan O'hagan


    Ok then I admit it yes it was me - I brought Genesis. Apologies for the lightning by the way, it’s Hotel mood lighting or something. So I picked this hunk of awesomeness up today off our own @doctorpaul and what can I say that hasn’t already been said with such eloquence here...
  3. Brandon Adams

    NGD - Salvo Reload (Jaden Rose Guitars) - "Ygritte"

    I said about two years ago that I would be in touch with Jaden about one of these. Now it's here. The Orange one, only one made of White Limba/Korina. What a incredible guitar. Just about blows every other guitar I own out of the water (including the Jaden Chapman, the fret job on the Salvo is...
  4. SchecterPT

    "Insert witty title here" - NGD

    After the shitemare that has been my life for the past few years I can finally treat myself so this is what I treated myself to. First it began with a trip to GuitarGuitar with @bad alice to play some nice gear and get a new amp... Yep a new amp! I was thinking of getting a Victory (read as...