for sale

  1. A-D-L

    Sold Pink Salvo (Jaden Rose) aka Lily

    Yoyoyo, so this is up for sale now. I have new gear coming in and there is no more space in my rack and I can't get a bigger one. I got this mostly for the floyd but it turns out I don't use it as much as I thought. Recently got it back from Sound Affects after a setup and string change. Plays...
  2. SixMoreReasons

    For Sale Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Custom Deluxe 2014 AAA Quilt

    Hi everyone! It's time I let this beauty go. I've been the sole owner since it was released 4 years ago but only ever taken it from its case a handful of times. I'm selling as someone else will get much better use from it and I'd like to fund my next purchase! For pictures and spec information...
  3. Danny Harris

    Sold ESP M-II Custom MIJ 1990

    Hi guys, I'm selling my ESP custom, personally not a fan of the floyd and I don't play it anywhere near as much as my Ibanez plus I need funds for my next purchase! Overall the guitar is pretty worn, its got a few dings and scratches as can be seen in the photos. The trem arm is missing and I...
  4. Joey


    Good evening! Lack of usage on my part means that this little combo amp should be shifted so I can use the funds for other G.A.S. related afflictions. Please see this thread for pictures and info; overall, this wee amp is cracking for home usage but is also as loud as needs be for other...
  5. Joey


    Recently I've just not been using this pedal as much so want to move it on! Great sounds (as you would expect - see recommended settings in pics lol) and in perfect condition. Accompanied by the original box and manual/warranty card. I'm looking for £65 and as always I'm happy to cover the...
  6. Joey

    Sold MK.I Mesa V Twin

    A great opportunity to score an amp means that this needs to go. I don't have the original box for it however I do have the 12V power supply! The unit works perfectly and can provide some killer crunch and high gain tones. £175 takes it and I'm happy to cover the postage.
  7. Joey

    Sold 1964/5 Gibson SG Junior

    Those who like their guitars pristine should read no further. Another guitar and a holiday this year is meaning I need to move on my SG. :dog: See pictures for condition. There are no structural breaks or deficiencies on the guitar, everything in terms of wear is purely cosmetic. Someone gave...
  8. Uptown

    Sold Chapman ML1-Bea

    Greetings all Selling due to having too many guitars and moving being on the horizon. Good condition other than picking damage that has gone through the top veneer under the bottom string, never gigged, no repairs, all original parts. Currently set up with the floyd blocked off, in C standard...
  9. A-D-L

    For Sale Pedals and Amps

    Blackstar HT-DistX - £50 Big fat gained to fuck pedal. Metal as balls and all that. Can do some tame gain stuff when it's low. The pots have been cleaned and are responsive but may require some more care. The power supply is there. It's heavy so postage may be extra.