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  1. Zaphod65

    FS - Ashdown FA60DSP combo amp

    I'm trying to part ways with this amp, purely because I would like the money so NO TRADES. It's a pretty simple beast: all tube, two channels, gain boost on the distortion, some FX presets to use (8 delays, 4 chorus, 4 flange/phaser), 60 watts, 2x12 combo. More than loud enough for any show...
  2. Zaphod65

    Art games

    So I'm big in to video games not just as recreation but as art as well and basically I was wondering if anyone else on here has any opinions on the matter, recommendations or anything like that? I was going to try and come up with a list of art games but I drew a blank, work seems to have that...
  3. Zaphod65

    FS: Blackstar HT-1 *HEAD*

    Pretty simple, I'm selling my HT-1 head as I need to trade it out for the combo version of the same amp. I'm sure everyone on this forum knows what one sounds like but in case you need more clues there's a vid of me using it in my sig. Reason for sale is basically as above: I'm moving house...