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  1. ten-foot-tryptych

    How to make a guitar pick case.

    Quick and dirty tutorial I just made. Someone might be interested. :D
  2. ten-foot-tryptych

    NGD Edwards LP Junior

    Been wanting something like this for a while (I blame @Wade Garrett and @bad alice -- otherwise known as enablers!) Just what the doctor ordered: Dark vintage yellow Nitro type finish; you can feel the pores Mahogany slab with r/wood board and set neck. Duncan 90 pup Badass bridge Bone nut...
  3. ten-foot-tryptych

    People with guitars who don't know what they are doing

    Not sure about this but here goes... Every now and again you see a picture of someone with a guitar and you just know that they don't have a clue. I don't mean the obvious *glamour model with guitar in suggestive pose* kind of fare (although it will probably degenerate into that, but anyway, if...
  4. ten-foot-tryptych

    Pitfalls to avoid when building a partscaster

    OK. I want to put together a telecaster style component guitar. This is something I have never done before but I hope it will be fun. I will be sourcing mostly Japanese and Chinese bits and pieces and so far I have a Gotoh bridge ... OK, it's not much, but it is a start! As I have started...
  5. ten-foot-tryptych

    9 years ago this week..

    The Monkey Lord Forum opened its doors. Who else is still on here from those heady days? @DrKarnivore
  6. ten-foot-tryptych

    Freqout giveaway

    Subscribe to David Wallimans' e-letter to get entered into a draw for a Digitech Freqout If I understand correctly, @Alpheus was something to do with it.
  7. ten-foot-tryptych

    Introvert's Delight NPD

  8. ten-foot-tryptych

    Learning how to do fake nails

    Hi girls :p Since I went over to chicken pickin I've been pretty hard on my fore and index finger's nails. A few days ago I grabbed some acrylic nails from the dollar shop and stuck them on with superglue. Seems like I did the wrong thing! From what I gather, you just glue the tippymostbit to...
  9. ten-foot-tryptych

    Same as the old boss?

  10. ten-foot-tryptych

    NGD Tele-therapy レリック

    Background I am a Les Paul guy. As a teen, telecasters were ‘smellycasters’. The kind of thing dad rockers like Status Quo played. They were ugly, thin sounding and old fashioned. Well, things have changed, I too am now a dad rocker. To cure my Telephobia, I am doing some self-directed...
  11. ten-foot-tryptych

    Google demonetising content

    I am sure that you are aware that Google has been enforcing its own guidelines for what it deems to be acceptable, advertiser friendly content. This policy is draconian and regressive in my opinion. This change concerns me and I am trying to establish what my response should be. Have any of...
  12. ten-foot-tryptych

    NGD Edwards LP

    Now I haven't had a NGD in years. In fact, I haven't had an electric guitar for years. But today, this happened!! Its an Edwards E-LP-135ALS and it's like a combination of the best bits of my last two Les Pauls (Gibson classic & Greco) I still have my ghetto TrainWrech21 amp (no speaker) but...
  13. ten-foot-tryptych

    Like the Facebook post to win! Put a like on my Kobe Beefy Facebook post (the one that looks like the above!) for a chance to win this beautiful memo set. It would be cool if a dude from the MLF won! I sell these normally at 25 GBP -- a nice Christmas for...
  14. ten-foot-tryptych

    Papa's got a brand new Beefy

    Here's a leather holdall I just finished :) All facebook likes are gratefully received, thanks.
  15. ten-foot-tryptych

    For Sale 「Kobe Beefy」 Custom Guitar Straps

    Gents. I'm making made-to-measure guitar straps. The price you see listed on my site is an introductory offer price. To make an order, send me a PM or contact me through my homepage: Price is 13 pounds UK or 20 dollars US. Paypal or UK Lloyds bank...
  16. ten-foot-tryptych

    Metal Detectorists

    OK, I know coolidge is into it and does very well, so who else is swinging coils? Here's a quick fanvid I put together:
  17. ten-foot-tryptych

    Acoustic Guitar pickups -- where to start?!

    I've always used an electro acoustic and never needed after market pups but the two novice guitarists I'm jamming with need them. Budget will up to 50 quid each. Soundholes are 10cm. Ease of use is essential -- we can adjust volume and tone on the PA. Any recommendations? Anything to avoid...
  18. ten-foot-tryptych

    Make 3D Hendrix wall art

    Here's a little tutorial I just made:
  19. ten-foot-tryptych

    Truth In Threading

    So I was inspired to turn Chappers into a 100% wool action figure. Hope you like it
  20. ten-foot-tryptych

    Joyo Ac-Tone (AC 30 sim)

    The two guitars panned far right and left use this effect. This is a pocket money pedal which is supposedly a clone of a Tech 21 Liverpool AC-30 sim. Not sure if I like it yet but thought I'd use it on this song then fiddle with it later. If anyone wants me to demo it further (like on its...