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  1. ilikepirates

    2 years

    Been here for two years now! A lot has happened and I've met some amazing people :) here's to three.
  2. ilikepirates

    An Animal A Day

    Hey everyone :) As some of you may know, I really love sewing and have made a few plushies in the past (unicorn, dragon) Well! I am taking this little hobby to the next step and challenging myself to make an animal every single day for the next year. I will be selling every animal and 20%...
  3. ilikepirates

    Popular guitar patterns.

    Hey guys :) So I have come up with an idea and I need some help with it. I need to know lots of guitars which have really cool/well known patterns like this one.. actually! They don't even need to be well known people, just any cool designs! (I think this is quite well known) If you...
  4. ilikepirates

    Happy Birthday Kittyyyyy!

    Happy birthday to the wonderful Kitty. Have a lovely day :turtle: :) xxx
  5. ilikepirates

    Happy Birthday Darfuria!

    Yay! Happy birthday Dan :D :hug: :heart:
  6. ilikepirates

    No more battery hens in England

    yay! I've only ever bought free range eggs but I'm really glad this is stopping. Poor hens. What do you guys think about this? :)
  7. ilikepirates

    The worlds biggest insect has been found.. Don't click if you are afraid of crickets or bugs. D:
  8. ilikepirates

    Steve Jobs has died!

    Just saw this.. I'm so shocked! :( He passed away yesterday due to his health problems, not unexpected but still so sad. RIP Steve Jobs :((((
  9. ilikepirates

    Pentax K10D for sale

    Hey guys I am selling a used but in great condition Pentax K10D with an 18-55mm lens; spare battery; manual; all of the required cables and original packaging. I am looking for £225 plus postage, payable via PayPal or bank transfer. Full details on the award winning Pentax K10D can be found...
  10. ilikepirates

    New facebook page

    Hey guys :) I just made a new page on facebook for my photography and I was wondering if you could like it? It would mean lots to me :D Thankyou if you do!
  11. ilikepirates


    Just a few photos from Analogue to Digital of Chapman Guitars stand :)
  12. ilikepirates


    Who plays? :D
  13. ilikepirates

    Happy Birthday Dan!

    It is now officially Dan's birthday :) everyone send him some lovin' Happy birthday :) x
  14. ilikepirates

    Cute Animals

    All you menly men on here, it's time to break the mould of manliness and post cute animals! One of my favouritest pictures ever! Go go go! :)
  15. ilikepirates

    Ruining films.

    Someone recently told me a spoiler from Harry Potter and I wanted to cry when I found out. :( Have you had a big film ruined or have you ruined a film for anyone? If you have how have you felt about it?
  16. ilikepirates

    DIY Capo :)

    Okay so I got told to post this. But you probably all know how to do this anyway.. I just made a capo because mine was being silly. All you require is 2 pencils and 2 elastic bands or hair bands. Put one pencil on the back of the neck and one on the front and then put one elastic band on one...
  17. ilikepirates

    Photography Thread

    Hey guys, noticed there wasn't anything to do with photography so I thought I'd make a thread. I hope some of you are as I am, hugely. So, this is a place to ask questions, post your work and ask for opinions on photos. I think this could work (and I hope it does) if there are any other...
  18. ilikepirates

    hi :)

    I'm Merlene! Pleased to meet you all. I'm quite used to this forum business as I am a member of another forum :) I hope to make some lovely friends here as I have on another forum! I'm quite friendly and try my best to talk to lots of people. So yeah talk to me! :)