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  1. Soap Distant

    Does anyone play Elite Dangerous?

    I bought ED and the Horizons DLC for £7.99 in the Steam sale a month ago and haven't stopped playing it. I was a massive fan of Elite on Spectrum, and took a week off work when Frontier came out on Amiga. Finally took the plunge and kitted my Krait Mk2 for Void Opal mining and made 10...
  2. Soap Distant

    WTB One or a pair of non F-spaced humbuckers - stuff to trade

    I'm looking for either a bridge, or a bridge and neck humbucker for my LP studio I have the following to trade: A Zoom Q2n video/audio recorder (not the 4k version) with full accessory pack A Marantz MPM 1000 condenser mic with desk mounted boom arm, 2 shock mounts, and a desk tripod 2...
  3. Soap Distant

    3rd NGD in 10 days

    Swapped my JEM Jr for this absolutely mint MIM Lonestar Strat. Considering the JEM only cost me £260, I'd say that's a bit of a bargain! And an upgrade.
  4. Soap Distant

    WTB EMG Long Shaft pots

    Anyone got a set of 4 they don't want, or maybe want to swap for a set of 4 short shaft EMG push-fit pots?
  5. Soap Distant

    Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnd yet another NGD! (two in a row)

    (Another) NGD! Correction: 1997 (according to the serial number) Gibson Les Paul Studio. This must be a transition model, as it has a Rosewood fingerboard. Dinged to hell, but I don't care, its a Gibson! Now, if someone can just hook me up with a set of PAFs and a "chainsaw" Protector case...
  6. Soap Distant


    I've been wanting one of these for as long as I can remember, but have had problems justifying the cost of a new one, and second-hand ones are usually near new prices. I've become addicted to FaceBook Marketplace for hunting down cheap gear, and talked someone down from £300 to £200 for this...
  7. Soap Distant

    Feeler Swap Schecter Hellraiser C-7 for Les Paul Junior or Studio

    I've got a Schecter incoming, and I'm probably not going to like it much, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in the above swap.
  8. Soap Distant

    WoW Classic is f'in awesome!

    I know there's a WoW thread, but it deserves its own. Kahuna - L17 Mage on dragonfang PvP currently, but I'm open to rolling a toon on another realm if anyone here is currently playing Classic (I've also got a bunch of 110's on Eonar). Anyone know if Chappers still plays?
  9. Soap Distant

    Lowering a locking nut...

    The action is too high at the 1st fret on my JEM Jr, so I need to either grind down the base of the locking nut, or remove some wood from the nut shelf. It's not a bolt through fitting, so I'm not worried about a neck break. Which route would you go, and if it's grinding down the nut, what...
  10. Soap Distant

    Anyone play regularly in E flat?

    I cut the tip of my ring finger quite badly a couple of months ago, and it still hurts quite a lot when I bend (or even just fret certain chords) sometimes, so I've tuned down to E flat on all my guitars. I actually prefer the feel and tone now, and a lot of my favourite guitarists (Robin...
  11. Soap Distant

    Any of you bums play Rainbow 6 Siege (on PC)?

    Just started playing it to death again after a 12 month layoff (while a bad cut on my finger tip heals...5 weeks and I still can't play guitar...grr!).
  12. Soap Distant

    Anyone ever built a travel guitar?

    I've been thinking, rather than throw £300 at a Steinberger Spirit, I could just buy a £30 Encore or Squier Bullet off Gumtree, and get the hacksaw out. It's only for noodling in the car anyway, and it'll probably get left in the boot in all temperatures. Thoughts?
  13. Soap Distant

    WTB Anyone selling a Steinberger Spirit or similar?

    I'm looking for something to play in the car during lunchtimes at work (and any other time during the day to be honest...being an IT Field Engineer has many benefits, spare time being one of them). Anyone flogging something interesting? Not particularly interested in the Hofner Shorty, unless...
  14. Soap Distant

    Best place for parts in the UK

    I'm going to replace the pots and switch in my Strat while I'm building my Telecaster kit that my wife bought me, and I've been looking on Allparts. The 250k CTS pots seem reasonable, but £22 seems a bit steep for a 5 way switch. Is that about right, and is Allparts about the best place to buy...
  15. Soap Distant

    Les Paul alternatives - UK-made if possible

    I was all set to buy a 2019 LP Standard Goldtop until Gibson pulled that shit with the USA-only competition...they're talking a good game at the moment, but if they don't give a shit about worldwide customers, they can shove them up their arse and stop exporting guitars. Anyway...I'm looking...
  16. Soap Distant

    I can't insert or attach files/images any more

    I get a server error. Anyone else getting this? It's the same in IE and Chrome.
  17. Soap Distant

    Vintage Gibson Melody Maker

    In the search for something affordable from, or close to, my year of birth ('62), I'm thinking about a Melody Maker. If I go for a '62 it has to be a double cutaway, which is fine, as I have a particular fetish for symmetrical double cuts (Yamaha SG, Washburn Eagle/Falcon, Gordon Smith GS), but...
  18. Soap Distant

    Reducing/removing ambient guitar sounds picked up by microphone?

    Yeah, I didn't really understand the title either, but it's difficult to describe in a few words. Basically, I have a guitar and mic plugged into my audio interface, then going through Studio One 4 (although the DAW doesn't really matter). The mic is for speech, and I'm playing the guitar...
  19. Soap Distant

    For Sale Blackstar ID Core 20 V2

    I won't bother posting a picture, it looks exactly like any other mint ID Core 20. Boxed and used for about 30 minutes total. Nothing wrong with it, I just thought I needed an amp, but I only really use amp modelling software or my Zoom G5n. Will deliver within a reasonable radius of...
  20. Soap Distant

    For Sale FS: Behringer FCB1010 with UNO chip

    As it says, a slightly used looking FCB1010 with UNO mod chip and a couple of MIDI cables. It's located in Chesterfield, but I can deliver within a sensible radius. I work in Sheffield and the Bassetlaw region (think Worksop and Retford), so you can extend the radius out that far too. 90 of...