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  1. jimbofett

    Sold Bare Knuckle Abraxas Humbucker Pick Ups

    Hey have a matched pair of covered Abraxas Humbucker pick ups for sale The Abraxas is a vintage-voiced humbucker with an superlative vocal tone, balanced mid-range projection and sweet harmonic overtones. Players looking for more mid range crunch and the ability to drive an amp naturally...
  2. jimbofett

    easy print chord and scale patterns

    anyone have an easy to print (old skool ;) online resource to share? ideally one whenre i can press print once and have every chord and scale pattern printed off? thanks
  3. jimbofett

    anyone built an amp from a kit?>???

    Evening, have been looking at some amp kits, have any of you guys tried to build a home made amp i tried using the search function but didnt seem to get any hits ( apologies if there is a sh*t load of threads about this )
  4. jimbofett

    ml2 newb issues..

    Morning Have literally just recieved my lovely new chapman ml2 in in trans black whilst lifting the plastic from the pickups i noticed a ribbon around them and thought ( i know i know) that cant serve any purpose, so i removed one of them :/ which would appear to be some kind of protection...
  5. jimbofett

    greetings........ how many times has that been done

    Morning People have just purchsed my first chapper guitar - loving it so far although may have goosed it already (another thread will appear in another part of the forum very soon) Pleased to be here :D