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  1. the Ed-crab

    Blackat Guitars - Opinions and advice

    Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice!!! Currently in the process of selling my Mayones Regius 7, and have been offered a straight trade for a Blackat 6 String. Main questions I have are: - Quality issues: anyone got information on any issues or indeed praise? - Price: unsure exactly on...
  2. the Ed-crab

    For Sale Mayones Regius 7 £2000

    Hi all, finally realised (again) that a 7 string really isn't for me. I've had this for almost 4 years now, never been gigged and I only really tend to play the odd bit of Dream Theater on it!!! Hardly any wear / tear on it, and features a set of Bareknuckle Aftermaths with 3 way switching and a...
  3. the Ed-crab

    NGD - fiesta red content inside

    Howdy all, not as active as I used to be on the site as real world life gets in the way (especially with working away a lot) however this past weekend I bought a guitar!! First one in 2 years actually... that might be a record for me.... but anyways, the last 10 months or so I've really gotten...
  4. the Ed-crab

    For Sale SOLD PRS 2016 CE24 - Amber, flame maple

    Hi all, looking to see if anyone is interested in purchasing my PRS off me. Bought it new a little under 2 years ago, great guitar but just don't really play it as much as others in my collection. There are a few bits of wear and tear on it, nothing major just the odd small scratch. Comes with...
  5. the Ed-crab

    For Sale Mayones Regius 7 String

    Hi guys, sadly looking to shift my 7 string as I've had a pretty big opportunity to buy something rather rare!! Guitar has got not a lot of play time on it, and has a 5A quilt top, finished in a grey sunburst. I'll put pictures up in a bit, but wanting some initial interest. Wanting around...
  6. the Ed-crab

    Album of the year 2016

    So I know music tastes are diverse and everything, but I thought a thread where people actually talk about their favourite albums of the year would be interesting!! (I couldn't see if there was one already so shout at me if there is!!). Been a lot of good stuff this year, but personally the...
  7. the Ed-crab

    Home setup in need of updating

    Howdy everyone, I'm back again (I think, the days all meld into each other most of the time!!) So I'm finally at a stage where my home setup can come back to life and I'll be able to do some recording and now is probably as good a time as any to remodel it to be as good as possible. My old...
  8. the Ed-crab

    For Sale/Trade AxeFx Ultra

    Hi there guys, looking to potentially get rid of my Axe Fx Ultra. Its in great condition, obviously no moving parts etc but the firmware is up to date as far as the Ultra can be. Looking for about £900, am prepared to take sensible offers. I'd be interested in trading towards something like...
  9. the Ed-crab


    So I'd decided to have a one in one out policy, I don't have a lot of space at home to myself so having 7 guitars is pretty hard sometimes. That being said a few of them I just never play, specifically I had an Ibanez RG1570 that hadn't been played in a good 2 years and it's been on the for sale...
  10. the Ed-crab

    For Sale Ibanez RG1570 - looking to shift quickly

    Hi guys, looking to sell this off fairly quick. Will get pics up late but its an RG1570 prestige from around 2009. Got a few knocks and dinks here and there, which you'll be able to see in the pics, its also got a Dimarzio Crunch Lab in the bridge (the John Petrucci pick up from a while back)...
  11. the Ed-crab

    Being spoilt by gear

    So not sure if anyone has really gone onto this topic before but thought I might as well maybe try and start a discussion on it. I have 3 high end guitars, Mayones Regius 7, Anderson Drop Top (currently in the wars) and a Suhr Modern. These are the guitars I play most of the time and they are...
  12. the Ed-crab

    NAD: brown content inside

    So finally got round to testing some amps out up at GuitarGuitar in Birmingham after a shipment arrived. I only actually played two amps, but this is the one I took home and well lets put it this way I had been playing a Bogner Ecstasy for 90mins and when i plugged into this my jaw literally...
  13. the Ed-crab

    In need of updating the rig

    Howdy y'all Dont really get to make many posts these days, work and all that, but the time has come for my amp backline to change a bit. As some of you may know, I have had a Mesa Dual Rectifier for almost 6 years and its done a fine job but its on its last legs and I do fancy something of a...
  14. the Ed-crab

    So yeah I still exist... also NGD.... Return of the s7th

    Right so I havent been here in a LONGGG time. Words to the effect of now that I'm fully employed and not in a job that has anything to do with music I really dont have that much time to play much. I jam to tracks and still learn new song etc but writing/mixing/composing?? I don't really have...
  15. the Ed-crab

    WTB Gibson Explorer 7 String

    Would be interested if anyone knows the whereabouts of any I could try out/purchase. Cant find any through my own efforts :( I have supreme GAS for one of these babys. Hit me up if you can help :) Cheers Ed
  16. the Ed-crab

    Where to go to from here? (recording gear advice)

    Hi guys, been a while since I've asked for advice on some gear but nevertheless that time has finally come again!! Having just finished university and graduating on Tuesday I'm now in the position where I would like to try and improve the recording setup that I have at home. Essentially what I...
  17. the Ed-crab

    For Sale/Trade Got a few things to get rid of

    So finished uni, and now theres some things that i just don't need. Jet City 20 Head and matching 1x12 Cab - £250 together, £170 for the head £100 for the cab if separate. A great little head for rock and blues can even do metal with a good boost in front of it, but now that i'm home i just...
  18. the Ed-crab

    For Sale/Trade Apogee One interface

    Hi guys Basically I'm finding that I need an interface with at least 2 inputs now, so unfortunately I need to get rid of this little beast!!! Its a single channel interface, and is extremely portable being not that much bigger than my iPhone. It only works with Mac computers however, but its...
  19. the Ed-crab

    Strictly Seven

    Well I'm not sure how up to date on all of this you guys are, but this video just got posted by Jim who runs the company. Thoughts?
  20. the Ed-crab


    So I turned 21 today, and despite saying that it was completely not going to happen I ended up with this.... after proceeding to tell my family I hate them I took her for a drive, and its all gravy. Not too bad for a first car :D