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  1. Lonestar


    Well, it looks like due to the file sizes I’m restricted to just a few images of my new guitar. But that’s okay, if I figure out how to get more uploaded I will. In the meantime please enjoy checking out my new dakota red S build loaded with Radioshop 63 pickups :)
  2. Lonestar

    For Sale Pedals

    A bit of gear shifting recently has made these two surplus to requirements. Ramble FX Marvel Drive v2, comes with box. Immaculate condition, velcro on underside. I am not aiming what I’m about to say at anyone as a load of sales nonsense but if you like Marshall’s then check this pedal out...
  3. Lonestar

    For Sale Mesa Boogie Lonestar head and Zilla Fatbaby £1100

    Howdy y’all, I didn’t think I’d be doing this but I’d like to see if there is any interest in my current setup. I purchased the head last year from a member of another forum who has a vast collection of lovely Boogies . About the same time, I ordered a fatbaby 1 x 12 cab from Paul at Zilla...
  4. Lonestar


    Many many years ago when I was 15, my mum bought me a guitar for Christmas... 1998 if my maths is correct. Now, after flicking through the Argos catalogue I spied the musical instrument pages. I quickly located the guitar and amp set (sunburst strat with a practice amp) and said that was what I...
  5. Lonestar

    A special commission

    This journey started months ago when Adam Evans commissioned a build from us. Last week we completed the guitar (the nicest one we’ve made!) and delivered it to the 3 Arena in Dublin on Tuesday evening. Adam plays for Rick Astley so I was delighted to be given the chance to get a guitar...
  6. Lonestar

    New Model Launch

    Well, it’s friday and I must be feeling risqué. I hope such an announcement won’t warrant any slaps with the yard stick but this is above and beyond our normal news/posts. Over the last year, we have been asked (increasingly) for full builds. We have done plenty in the past but these have...
  7. Lonestar

    SC Relics - From the spray booth

    Hello all! I hope you enjoy this thread. It will be a collection of rough and ready pictures straight from the spray booth as I finish the colour coats and tints on the bodies. In the better weather I’ll also be able to take the bodies outside once the lacquer has hardened for you to see them in...
  8. Lonestar

    Lonestar by name....

    The last time I dawned the forum I could not for the life of me tell you which amp I was using. Maybe it was the old JMP? Not sure. Anyhow.... as time rolled merrily on I soon realised that the 100 watt Marshall was too much for me and my workshop. No point in lying, it sounded incredible but...
  9. Lonestar

    SC Relics Guitar Emporium

    Welcome to the Emporium! Every images or series of images will be of commissions or otherwise sold pieces. This is not a thread for advertising work for sale, it is a thread to showcase completed commissions.
  10. Lonestar

    A year in the guitar world

    It’s been a while, probably about 14 months (?) if not more since I last posted here. A lot has changed and I figured that some of you might want to hear about the journey I have been on since last year. I’m not sure how much I’m going to type, I shall see how tedious it is to read before I post...
  11. Lonestar

    Good to see you all again

    Well, it’s 2am. And after seeing to one of the kids after a bad dream I picked up my phone and decided (with permission from the powers that be here) to come back and see you guys and gals again. It’s been a long time and I have popped on regularly to see what’s happening. I’m looking forward...