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  1. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: Splawn head, Marshall, Mesa cabs.

    So, my old Splawn is back in my hands and needs to move. 2008 Splawn Quick Rod 100W amplifier head. 2 channels (Clean, Overdrive). Overdrive has 2 modes (OD1 and OD2) and three 'Gears' (Gain stages). Gear 1 - Hot Plexi, Gear 2 Hot Rod 800, Gear 3 - Super rod 800. Very very clean, no...
  2. Tuxedo Kaz

    So what's new?

    I've been away. :D What's new and shiny around here? And where's that big Simian I used to know? Kaz is curious. :D
  3. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: MINT PRS Custom 22 10 top birds Fire Red Burst!

    Gotta let this one go, even though I've barely had it... For sale is my 2009 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 10-top w. birds in Fire Red Burst. I bought it the last week of Dec. (the 29th actually) and have barely played it since. Beautiful and quite unique-sounding (to me), I nonetheless have...
  4. Tuxedo Kaz

    I'm alive! And NGD! And Happy New Year!

    Hello fellow simians and apes of all sorts; I'm back! Despite computer troubles and the crazy retail holiday season, the Kaz is back to kick some ass... and I bring some eye candy!
  5. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: Mint PRS CE-22 with 5708 Pickups

    For sale is my almost-new (bought NOS) Paul Reed Smith USA CE-22 Maple Top electric guitar with custom wound 57/08 Zebra pickups, The guitar is in near-new condition. has had the 5708s factory-installed and the 5-way rotary system flopped for a 3-way push pull coil tap configuration...
  6. Tuxedo Kaz

    New Diezel vid w. Marshall cab!

    Be kind; rewind!
  7. Tuxedo Kaz

    New Gear Day! (Marshall content)

    Finally got myself something to replace my Rectifier 212 cabinet...a Marshall 1960B! Been wanting one of these for the better part of a month now after having tried my Diezel through a 1960A and B full stack: Check out the tone report here: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local"...
  8. Tuxedo Kaz

    Review: Marshall 1960B Cabinet

    I've played through 1960s countless times but, now owning one for my Diezel rig, I thought I'd share my thoughts. The Marshall 1960A (Slant) and 1960B (Straight baffle) cabs are something of an industry standard, the strawberry ice cream to Mesa's chocolate ice cream Rectifier cabinets...
  9. Tuxedo Kaz

    Rob has 6666 subscribers!

    How epic is THAT?
  10. Tuxedo Kaz

    The Kaz and my new gig: GC!

    It's official guys, my day job is now working for Guitar Center as a guitars/amps guy. :) So throw me your questions, comments, concerns, or just gab about GC and music retail in general. I'd like to improve how we're looked upon by other musicians as a company and am really striving to make...
  11. Tuxedo Kaz

    The PRS Clinic Tour VIDS!

    I shot these when I got to meet Paul Reed Smith himself a month ago. Very nice guy. Can't remember if I've posted these here already...
  12. Tuxedo Kaz

    Epic New Gear Day is Epic! (DIEZEL content!!)

    So finally, all the cards fell into place for me! Here is some very nice stuff I picked up within the last couple of days. :D Now I've gotta program this sucker with MIDI so I can get my rig up and running. I'll do some shots of the entire rig later tonight (it's impossible during the day...
  13. Tuxedo Kaz

    NGD - NOS CE 22 McCartyburst !

    Just got my hands on this new-old-stock PRS! A CE 22 with a McCarty sunburst finish and Dragon II pickups (which are going to be swapped for 57/08s on PRS' tab thanks to their current pickup deal). Bought it almost at cost thanks to a friend of mine who works at GC. A real singing beauty and a...
  14. Tuxedo Kaz

    I met Paul Reed Smith today!

    Heads up monkehz of all ranks and size; Today I was treated to a great clinic at Guitar Center, in Manchester, CT, featuring Paul Reed Smith and Alexi Grossi (Adler's Appetite, et al) and I must say, it was very fun. It was my first time meeting Paul himself and he is every bit the man I heard...
  15. Tuxedo Kaz

    FS: Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Historic VOS Les Paul

    I really don't want to have to do this. But here goes! Up for grabs is my almost-new 2009 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Historic VOS Les Paul Faded Tobacco. Hands down the best Gibson I have played or owned, and not a whole lot of time did I get to have fun with this sweet wonder. I bought it in...
  16. Tuxedo Kaz

    Japan builds life size 1:1 scale Gundam statue

    No joke. It stands 59 ft (18m) tall, towering above the treeline in Shiokaze-koen, Odaiba, Tokyo. It's head (and supposedly, arms) move, it lights up, and steams. The world's first full-size reproduction of a gundam Mobile Suit was completed this week. Check it out!!! <!-- m --><a...
  17. Tuxedo Kaz

    I'll be gone awhile... (I'm back again!!)

    Today my main computer went down. I think it's a power supply thing. Unfortunately, I don't have funds to fix it right away but will be leaving it in the care of some pros until I come back from a trip to Boston (where I'll be filming a little documentary on Anime Conventions). Unfortunately...
  18. Tuxedo Kaz

    PRS + Splawn Video! HD!

    My latest. Sorry it's a bit dark, I didn't realize quite how dark it is in my living room. Some editing together in nifty Sony Vegas Pro 8 with Magic Bullet Looks for cool after-effects. :) Click "HD"! :D
  19. Tuxedo Kaz

    Gear Tour! In High Definition!

    In the spirit of Rob's GAS video, I've just completed my gear tour of my small but effective collection of stuff, including PRS, Gibson, and Splawn! :mad: and Part II: Excuse some of the flubs, haha.
  20. Tuxedo Kaz

    New Guitar Day! Gibson Content... (56k semi-friendly)

    So, after selling my Gibson USA LP I picked up this beauty. 2009 Gibson Custom Shop VOS 1958 Reissue in Faded Tobacco burst. No contest. :) My PRS Custom 24 now has some serious competition for my attention. Sorry, crappy point-and-click camera. Really need to get myself a DSLR...