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  1. Thomas Wilcock

    What would you play if...

    You had one of these. Ill be shooting some videos this weekend for a friend
  2. Thomas Wilcock

    Oops when you buy somthing for a guitar you dont own...yet...

    Not something i recommend anyone to do but i bought this P90 2nd hand as it seems the Welsh builder of these is taking longer and longer to get his pickups out to customers these days... Its a old school 50's style P90 ...Now i just have to buy a guitar to fit it in ;)
  3. Thomas Wilcock

    Danelectro FAB Metal Pedal £6.99 Demo

  4. Thomas Wilcock

    Original Catalinbread Montavillian Echo ! Happy bidding or Pm me a offer on here !
  5. Thomas Wilcock

    Pedal train / voodoo lab Question!

    Hey guys ! Just wanted to ask if anyone has experience with fuzz pedals on this kind of set up? reason i ask is i had a wah that hums so badly atm im going to take it off the board ( i just cant use it its so bad) So i was thinking of replacing it with a fuzz face ? always fancied one but im...
  6. Thomas Wilcock

    My Car/guitar obsession one step to far ?

    After having a Monster jazz cable for 5/6 years its finally started to show signs of age ! so i got a nice new replacement!
  7. Thomas Wilcock

    Tempted ...

    To sell off my pedal board and get a tc electronic g system ,whats people thoughts on these units ? . Tone wise im a guitar to amp guy but we all need efx sometimes also when playing in a cover band.
  8. Thomas Wilcock


    Hey guys long story short when i was in school i couldn't afford £30 a hr guitar lessons so i did it through the school 2hrs a week something like £100 for a whole year and it helps alot of people in my area get into or get better at there instrument so the council are looking to axe funs...
  9. Thomas Wilcock

    Wudtone Guitars and Hardware

  10. Thomas Wilcock

    Wudtone demo ?

    Hey guys im meeting up with Andy (head of wudtone) To demo some toys tomorrow. so my question to you guys what do you think will be the best way to demo wudtone finishes, guitars and hardware ? i imagine it maybe in andertonsish style with both me and andy in-front of the camera talking about...
  11. Thomas Wilcock

    NCD! Zilla content!

    Hey guys been awhile since ive posted much or bought any guitar gear (car taking up so much money and being very happy with what i got) but heres my new Zilla Fatboy Mustang style!
  12. Thomas Wilcock

    For Sale/Trade Mjm Roctavios

    After trades the pedal is amazing also see DBTV demo here but im just after a change to try and spice things up Sad thing to say but at the moment i barley want to pickup the guitar so hopefully something new will re light my flame haha so any pedals you want to trade for it let me know...
  13. Thomas Wilcock

    help with my Hummmmmmmmm

    hey guys a small clip here of noodles using my gibson >cornford >fender frv1 > vintage 30 > sm57 >apogee one >imac any ideas on reducing the hum from this clip ? may just be the amp Tom
  14. Thomas Wilcock

    So True!...

  15. Thomas Wilcock

    New stuff week !

    So ive had some new studio /video bits Sm57 and monitors! New bits for my Blackstar And new wilkinson tuners and elixer strings for my new acoustic New videos soon Tom
  16. Thomas Wilcock


    As some might know it was my 21st on Friday so amongst other presents my girl friend got me this acoustic! ,ive mention a few times it be nice to have a cheap acoustic but then i end up spending my money on other things so here she is ! i have just ordered new tuners (wilkinson) and elixer...
  17. Thomas Wilcock

    Nissan Micra 1.0 (cheap runabout ,first car)

    Here she is up on ebay !
  18. Thomas Wilcock

    For Those woundering why my Tele is for sale.. NCD

    New Car day 100% better than my 02 1.0 Micra now i can turn up too gigs in style its a 2006 Hyundai Coupe gen 3.5 ,1.6 engine and 74,000 on the clock!