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  1. craig

    Dementia Awareness Song

    Hey everyone I released a song today in order to raise awareness for Dementia. It was inspired by seeing my grandfather struggle with the illness. Please take a few moments to check it out Many thanks Craig
  2. craig

    For Sale Pedals, Acoustic and bits

    Hey guys I am in the process of moving house so will add bits n bobs here hopefully in the next few days but currently selling MXR Distortion Plus Ogre Kronomaster Delay (discontinued) Epiphone Jane (Dave Navarro) beautiful sounding guitar Vintage tuners from an old reissue strat Mini...
  3. craig

    For Sale Vintage Guitar Collection

    Serious inquiries only 1962 - Fender Precision. sunburst, all original including hard case 1964 - Fender Telecaster, was sunburst now natural, pickups replaced but the originals are in the original case 1986 - Gibson EDS1275 - all original, cherry like Jimmy Page 1990's Hamer T62 - surf...
  4. craig

    Sold Taylor GS Mini

    Immaculate, only used maybe five times since buying it. My friend is selling this one. Collection only from Uxbridge/Heathrow area £375
  5. craig


    Had to have me on of these, seen them before and thought they looked badass! OGRE Kronomaster Delay It sounds great, what i didnt know is it has a built in boost which adds some lovely flavour to your tone so i have the Ogre on all the time with very mild delay and the Carbon Copy after and...
  6. craig

    Sold Ibanez Voyager

    Selling my Ibanez Voyager, these are super rare and fantastic guitars. Pickups sound great, locking tremolo holds perfect tune and it has a nice slim neck. £500 The RBM10 features: a mahogany body bolted to a maple neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot position markers...
  7. craig

    Ditto Looper X2?!

    my buddy lent me the ditto x2 looper,I’ve read the instructions and watched videos and stuff but when I fired it up I didn’t like it. Recording the initial riff was fine and sounded good but when I tried to overdub the original riff sounded a little fuzzier and the levels were crap. Am I doing...
  8. craig

    For Sale Fender Acoustic

    Selling my Fender acoustic, quite a rare bird ths one. They only made them between 1998-2000. Jumbo body, big sound and plays great. Found this info this morning: Model Name: SJ65S Series: SJ Series Source: Korea Body Style: Super Jumbo Body Body Depth: 3.94" (100mm) to 4.92" (125mm) Top...
  9. craig

    For Sale Fender Stratocaster Plus

    Up for grabs is my 1989 Fender Stratocaster Plus. Very well looked after and in great condition, you see so many of these that have been bashed up or had the pickups changed. All original except the tuners, when i got it one of the locking discs was missing, they are genuine fender locking...
  10. craig

    Sold 1988 Fender Stratocaster

    For sale is my 1988 Fender Stratocaster, this thing has hardly been played so it needs to go to a new home. Its 30 years old and the condition is amazing, it has been a case queen for most of its life, im a Les Paul guy what can i say. Even has the original manual £850 Anyway here she is:
  11. craig

    For Sale 1986 Gibson Les Paul Pre-Historic 59

    Hey there A buddy of mine is selling a Les Paul. As the title says its a Pre-Historic 59, they are very rare and sort after, if it was a gold top or a custom i would have taken it off his hands but bursts dont do it for me. £3500 For sale is a rare 1986 Gibson Les Paul Reissue Flametop...
  12. craig

    WTB Fuzz face

    Diggin Hendrix recently, especially after getting the new album today. Looking for a fuzz face to go with my uni-vibe.
  13. craig

    March 9th = 4 new albums!!

    I feel like ive been waiting for next Friday forever! March 9th the new Judas Priest album is released and I cant wait! The three singles were fantastic, my favourite being Never The Heroes But there are two more out the same day, and another that was out yesterday but due to the weather i will...
  14. craig

    WTB Gibson Witch Hat Knobs

    Im looking for the old school witch hat knobs, thought i would ask you lovely people first.
  15. craig

    Uni-Vibe quick demo

    My misses got me an MXR Uni-Vibe, it’s great for solos and makes you think of Hendrix. Here’s a very quick demo:
  16. craig

    ENGL Ironball

    Hey guys I wanted to post this thread as I have now owned my ENGL Ironball just about a year and I have had Fender amps Marshall amps Orange amps and the amp I would be able to compare this most to would be my old Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier. This thing has it all, well at least for me! I play...
  17. craig

    Had to share my buddies new LP

    I had to share this, my best mate got himself a 1986 - 1959 Pre Historic Gibson Les Paul. This thing is lovely, I have two Customs myself and if he ever sells it the 59 is going in to my collection! It has aged naturally and has Tim Shaw Pickups Today he came over for a guitar day and...
  18. craig

    For Sale Fender Stratocaster Plus 1989

    A friend of mine is selling one of his guitars. It's a 1989 Fender Stratocaster Plus, It is in great condition and has been very well looked after. This is one of the rarer Strat Plus colours and it comes with the original hard case. Gold Lace Sensor pickups on this one, recently set up with 9's...
  19. craig

    Feeler Fender Stratocaster

    Considering selling my Fender Stratocaster, it has been sat around the house doing nothing for 2 years now. I keep it maintained and restring it often to keep it fresh. Recently I gave the Strat to my misses as the Dave Navarro acoustic I got her is hard for her to play but it still sits there...
  20. craig


    It's an MXR Distortion + from fellow forum member @Wuzza He even threw in a free capo to my surprise :-) It's always nice to get sales or deals from the forum, thanks again Wuzza. Playing some Randy Rhoads tonight!!!