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  1. Thomas Wilcock

    The Car Thread

    my kind of car ! i guess your not in the UK ? had the chance to buy a 72 Cuda last year but i never happened ended up with a 65 Fastback instead !
  2. Thomas Wilcock

    Being spoilt by gear

    Ive been in the same boat and didn't buy a guitar between 2011-2015 because of this. but for me i like high end gear because it usually takes me forever to save up for it and its more of a big deal when i get in instead of going out and buying something cheaper on impulse. That said i have a...
  3. Thomas Wilcock

    The Official RCF members YouTube video uploads thread!

    A video of my current Guitar collection :)
  4. Thomas Wilcock

    What would you play if...

    You had one of these. Ill be shooting some videos this weekend for a friend
  5. Thomas Wilcock

    Oops when you buy somthing for a guitar you dont own...yet...

    Ive had my eye on a 2015 Les Paul jr so its only a matter of time .....
  6. Thomas Wilcock

    Oops when you buy somthing for a guitar you dont own...yet...

    Not something i recommend anyone to do but i bought this P90 2nd hand as it seems the Welsh builder of these is taking longer and longer to get his pickups out to customers these days... Its a old school 50's style P90 ...Now i just have to buy a guitar to fit it in ;)
  7. Thomas Wilcock

    The Car Thread

    Very true they why im thinking of getting a C5 corvette next. Or ill keep saving and get a 07 gt500 shelby And if your talking about the mustang Then its big enough for my guitar stuff ,just the cab goes on the back seat because of the shape off the boot :)
  8. Thomas Wilcock

    ML-3 thread

    Didn't think about that ,but yes very merica it will match my Shelby mustang style cab I have
  9. Thomas Wilcock

    Danelectro FAB Metal Pedal £6.99 Demo

  10. Thomas Wilcock

    ML-3 thread

    if it was blue i was thinking white with alittle bit of red in it too. I think the best thing for me to do is go down to Andertons and try one out and if they have a few out and pick one that has the best sound or look. Does anyone know if they have a coupe of ml3 out in store or just one of...
  11. Thomas Wilcock

    what tuner to buy?

    Another vote for polytune clip . I have a Peterson strobe stomp 2 which is great to set up guitars but the clip tuner is far more practical .One less thing in the signal path.
  12. Thomas Wilcock

    Guitar room or space or shrine...

    haha no i just put it down there before taking the photo
  13. Thomas Wilcock

    ML-3 thread

    Lovely looking ! ive been tempted to get a natural and do a wudtone finish or get the blue and maybe do some hot rod pin striping :)
  14. Thomas Wilcock

    Guitar room or space or shrine...

    What my Guitar room currently looks like :)
  15. Thomas Wilcock

    The Car Thread

    Well i think this is the perfect thread to comment on after being away from the forum 2 or so years :) 2005 Ford mustang 4.0 45,000 miles Mods GT /CS front end C&L intake Flowmaster twin exhaust Tune and 20" Shelby wheels (not in pictures) After being guitar mad for years i had a...
  16. Thomas Wilcock

    The Green Carrot Pedal Company

    Thats cool ! i saw them at download on Friday , come some way from when i use to demo them !
  17. Thomas Wilcock

    There is 100 Signed Red Guitar's by Bonamassa

    Music indrustry has changed alot ,he just trying to make a living off it.
  18. Thomas Wilcock

    Cornford Roadhouse 30 mod.

    i feel the same way ,loved my one knob spring reverb on my old carvin legacy
  19. Thomas Wilcock

    Cornford Roadhouse 30 mod.

    I have the same problem ,so i have a boss frv-1