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  1. Hosenbugler

    ML1 Pro Modern Superswitch question/concern

    Seems like a simple fix, like a wire has come a bit loose on the switch or something. Definitely no need to trade the whole guitar or anything like that. Worst you could possibly need to do is replace the switch. Also, sounds to me like the guy in Guitar Center either has little idea of what...
  2. Hosenbugler

    The Pro Wrestling Thread

    Man, I grew up repeatedly watching late 80s/early 90s WWF on VHS - mostly Survivor Series '87 (still my favourite Survivor Series), Royal Rumble '91, and a show that my parents went to at the London Docklands in '89, when I was about 3 months old I think. That was a large part of my childhood -...
  3. Hosenbugler

    H-S-H pickup suggestions

    I'll never not recommend the DiMarzio True Velvet for the middle position. As for the 'buckers, you can't go wrong with the SD JB and '59 combo. (Can't speak for the Stag Mag, having never used one - though isn't that the one that's designed more to have a better split sound, rather than a...
  4. Hosenbugler

    Your Ultimate Guitar

    Well, it changes every day of course, but right now, probably something like this.
  5. Hosenbugler

    NGD Korean Strat

    Great stuff man, I'm a fan of the old Korean Squiers. Slap some new pickups in them and you're good to go. :) I swapped the neck out on my '96 MIK Strat about a year ago for a Mighty Mite one-piece maple one - put the original back on last week, it's much better. Depends what you're after...
  6. Hosenbugler

    Can't believe I remembered my password !

    Or both? :confused:
  7. Hosenbugler

    The MLF Vinyl thread

    I got one of those suitcase-stylee record players a month ago. First thing I did was grab an original 1973 Dark Side Of The Moon vinyl, and even though the speakers on it suck, I was transfixed. I need to find some decent speakers I can use for it, then I can raid my mum's old record collection...
  8. Hosenbugler

    fretboard materials

    No matter the size of the frets, you shouldn't be pressing the string down to the wood (unless you want to; it does take a significant amount of extra effort) because it will bend the string, thus affecting/raising the pitch. The size of the fret will only affect how much the pitch will raise...
  9. Hosenbugler

    fretboard materials

    It's sound logic, but yeah I think you might be overthinking it a bit. :p Though I will say, you aren't (or shouldn't be) fretting the string against the wood. If that's happening, you're pressing down way too hard. ;)
  10. Hosenbugler

    Trying to play lead, without sounding like I am playing scales

    One really simple thing I find helps me sometimes is to completely avoid the root note altogether. It forces you to go in different directions, and to use different intervals. That starts off happening sort of 'by accident', but after a while something should start to click and you'll be going...
  11. Hosenbugler

    Digitech Bad Monkey

  12. Hosenbugler

    What would your Signature Chapman look like?

    Body: ML-1 Pro (mahogany) Top: Flamed maple Neck: African padouk, Graphtech Black Tusq XL nut, Hipshot 18:1 tuners Fretboard: Birdseye maple, 22-fret, jumbo frets, rolled edges, offset dot markers Bridge: Chapman string-through hardtail Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB bridge/P-Rails neck (both zebra)...
  13. Hosenbugler

    bedroom amp upgrade from blackstar ht5 to?

    An attenuator would probably have done the job, and saved you a lot of money.
  14. Hosenbugler

    the g.a.s thread.

  15. Hosenbugler

    Recommend me a middle pickup

    I've got a DiMarzio True Velvet in the middle position on my Strat. Of all that I've used, it's my favourite middle pickup. I use it primarily for positions 2 & 4 (with a DiMarzio FS-1 in the neck and an Irongear Jailhouse Rails in the bridge, so I can attest to it pairing great with both single...
  16. Hosenbugler

    Forum Security Issue or Weird Glitch?

    I felt like a whole new man :cool:
  17. Hosenbugler

    Forum Security Issue or Weird Glitch?

    It logged me in as @Tankman just now. I closed/re-opened Chrome, and it returned to normal. :confused:
  18. Hosenbugler

    Gear that punches well above it's weight

    My favourite guitar right now is my Yamaha RGX121DM. Got it for £90 off eBay. I say this without exaggeration - it sounds and plays better than most guitars I have ever played. I primarily got it because it's got a 22-fret maple board and it was cheap, but it's become my main player these days...
  19. Hosenbugler

    Sustain issues when soloing above the 12th fret. Perhaps I need a compressor?

    You probably just need to raise the action a smidge, or adjust the truss rod slightly. A compressor wouldn't help.