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  1. flawlessandeternal

    For Sale Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster (USA built)

    Hello forumites, As many of you know I stopped showing my ugly mug here a little while ago, but I thought I'd pop back in briefly to see if anyone would be interested in snapping up this bargain. I got this JR Jazzy a couple of months ago as a trade for my PRS CE24 (which I'd never really...
  2. flawlessandeternal

    For Sale Ibanez Iceman and Gretsch Corvette
  3. flawlessandeternal

    Ya boy has gone viral...

    Well, not really. So, I resurged on the RCF this week to sniff around Dr P's cull thread and have a bit of a bitch on the "what pissed you off today" thread. However, in an unlikely turn of events, a video of me being a sarcastic bastard in regards to the tele that Parcelforce broke had gained...
  4. flawlessandeternal

    For Sale LTD, BC Rich and Squier

    Hey guys, I'm back cos I wanna move on a few bits, seemed like a good place to gain interest. First up on the right is the LTD PS-1. Part of their X-Tone series, Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan was so enamoured with his he used it as the basis for his signature model. And it's easy to...
  5. flawlessandeternal

    Shameless Plug...

    Okay, but in all seriousness :p I know there isn't much love on here for forumite's bands that aren't Dorje or Toska, but my band just brought out a new EP and I'm very proud of it, so I figured I'd give it a share here. Right now you can download it for free from our bandcamp or stream it...
  6. flawlessandeternal

    For Sale Ampeg Dan Armstrong and Epiphone Bjorn Gelotte

    Hey guys, I've decided I REALLY want the Ibanez that I posted in the g.a.s. thread, so I'm selling of these little beauties to get the cash uptogether. First up is my Ampeg AMG 1000. This guitar used to belong to Jack from The Marmozets (confirmed on Instagram). This is a great guitar and...
  7. flawlessandeternal

    WTB POS guitar.

    Hey chaps and chapesses, I'm after a crappy old guitar I can turn into a guitbass. I've trawled eBay but can't really find anything for less than £70, really I'd only want to spend £40 or £50. So, if you have a guitar laying around that: Has humbuckers Has hardtail bridge Is covered in stickers...
  8. flawlessandeternal

    We did it for Joey... Any chance we can get my band's page to 1000 likes? Only 4 away ;) If you're one of those "But I don't know what your band sounds like" people:
  9. flawlessandeternal

    Any Brighton based MLFers fancy a cheap night out?

    Morning chaps, my band is playing a gig in Brighton at the Prince Albert on June 13th, supporting Dead Letter (Longtime MLFer Seb's band). It's 3 pound entry!
  10. flawlessandeternal

    For Trade Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 2015

    Hey guys, looking to trade my Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. It's a great guitar but I literally throw my back out everytime I use it. Follow the link below to see a few pics, I'll see if I can post some here too...
  11. flawlessandeternal

    Help a brother out?

    Hey guys, If you didn't know, I play a in a punky/riffy band called Arid Wave and over the past few months we've really been trying to get ourselves out there. Recently, Truck Festival has started taking fan suggestions for acts to pay their festival. It'd mean a hell of a lot as a long-time...
  12. flawlessandeternal

    Sold Flawlesses mini-guitar clear out!

    Hey all, if you've been watching the gas thread lately, you'll know PRS GAS has hit me hard. So, to make space and raise funds, four of my lovely axes are being moved on... First up, one you should all recognize, our Docs own Roadkill. It's a killer bit of axe, but I have two other lovely...
  13. flawlessandeternal

    Has Youtube produced someone more delusional than Scott Grove?

    Lets have a checklist here: Serial Killer voice: Check! Massive ego: Check! Condescending prick: Check! If you need a little more context, this is Alex Zachary. He's a luthier who builds guitars out of Ikea flatpacks and sells them for the price of PRS guitars because he feels that tonewoods...
  14. flawlessandeternal

    Eagle-eyed Fender fans, is this real?

    Hey guys, I've been after a decent tele for a little while now, and I recently happened upon this one on eBay. However, something about the headstock logo seems, off? I dunno...
  15. flawlessandeternal

    Calling all London MLFers!

    Hey lads, my band is playing a free entry show in Shoreditch, London at a venue called The Workshop. Our last London gig was fucking horrendous, so if any of you wanna make your way down, I'd really appreciate it :D I may or may not have ex-Doctorpaul guitars with me...
  16. flawlessandeternal

    Like free grunge/punk music?

    Hey all, it's been a while since I plugged my band... so..... We recently trimmed down our debut release into our 4 favorite tracks (well, we got rid of shit songs :P ) and re-released it as an EP called Mongrel:Redux. You can now download it for free from our bandcamp page...
  17. flawlessandeternal

    Boost Pedals... Help a brother out?

    So dudes, I recently joined a second band as a lead guitarist. My co-guitarist told me it would be a good idea to pick up a boost pedal to give me a slight volume peak when I play a solo, as they're currently getting a bit lost in the mix. I know next to fuck-all about pedals (which is why I...
  18. flawlessandeternal

    For Sale Jackson Kelly and LTD Eclipse!

    I want Doc's Less+, so I'm selling some stuff. Here's the eBay links :D If you wanna make me and offer mention that you're a forumite, I'll cut you a deal ;)
  19. flawlessandeternal

    Help me decide (Big/important purchase).

    Hey guys, you may or may not remember my postings in a certain "what pissed you off today" thread, but I lost my Grandad back in May. I learned fairly recently that he'd left me £1000, and my mum has basically said that she wants me to make a worthwhile purchase with it. Something I can say...
  20. flawlessandeternal

    For Sale Mesa Boogie Dual Rec (On eBay)

    Hey guys, I've stuck my tatty old Dual Rec on eBay cos I'm not using it and would like an explorer/Less+. Collection from Southampton