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  1. ScutMonkey

    will kemper kill amp gas?

    It will make the GAS cheaper. You'll end up spending money buying modeled amp packs! :dance:
  2. ScutMonkey

    Ghost Fret vs ML2

    When you say "where you're from" roughly, where is that in the world. I might help us give you some ideas. For example, I wouldn't recommend anything from Thomann to someone outside the EU. Anyway, I've played several of the Epiphone Goth Flying V's and they all have felt very solid. The...
  3. ScutMonkey

    Millimetric Guitars

    I think there's some truth to that. There is nothing creative about another S type or T type or LP guitar. There just isn't. So if your desire to make a guitar is to be creative, what's the point of making another one of those guitars? It hasn't just been done, it's been done to death. You...
  4. ScutMonkey

    Millimetric Guitars

    I'm fine with modernist because at least it looks like something. I'm totally out on abstract. I don't get it, it's as much about the artistic and cult of personality and popularity as it is about the art. It's not for me.
  5. ScutMonkey

    Millimetric Guitars

    I see it as quite the opposite. Their shape looks distinctly modernist architectural. I'd be curious to see what they did with a V form since they have such an aversion to pointed ends.
  6. ScutMonkey

    the g.a.s thread.

    If I had the ability and reason to justify it, I'd totally get a Kemper.
  7. ScutMonkey

    Advise on selling a ML-1...

    You'd need to post the year it was made and possibly which factory to get a better answer. A pic would help too.
  8. ScutMonkey

    Needing help putting together a music PC
  9. ScutMonkey

    Needing help putting together a music PC

    Ok, I found this about Studio One on a forum: Studio One creates a processing thread for each CPU core. The total work for mixing is then balanced among those threads on a per-channel basis, i.e. you don't benefit from multi-processing in a song with a single track with a large number of...
  10. ScutMonkey

    Needing help putting together a music PC

    Look into which software DAW you are going to use to see how well it multithreads processes. If it does it well, look at the AMD Ryzen CPUs. You can get a ton of cores for cheap. If the DAW doesn't multithread well, get Intel. Intel is still the speed king in single threaded operations. If...
  11. ScutMonkey

    Looking for a New Guitar

    I second this. Dollar for Dollar, PRS makes better guitars right now.
  12. ScutMonkey

    Ambler Guitars course

    This is the problem which has murdered my guitar building escapades. My hands are just always a bundle of pain after a short while sanding so I have problems getting anywhere.
  13. ScutMonkey

    Photos on the forum aren't working.

    Wasn't sure where to post this, so I'm posting it here.
  14. ScutMonkey

    Custom shop vs vintage

    I'd buy a '73 Gibson Flying V medallion because it would double as a solid investment for my kids to sell when they pried it from my cold, dead hands.
  15. ScutMonkey

    Idea for a Chapman Hot Rod Series replacing current standard range

    ESP/LTD can do it because they have volume buying power. Chapman hasn't so far. Rob said in the Anderton's release video that their latest attempt to upgrade the pickups is they've purchased American magnets to make the pickups on the new V2 standard line. The magnets which are used in Asian...
  16. ScutMonkey

    Idea for a Chapman Hot Rod Series replacing current standard range

    The philosophy behind the pickups they choose is that a large number of people change out the pickups when they get a guitar. How many people who have those Ghost Frets with Seymour Duncans have torn those out and put in EMGs or Fishmans or DiMarzios or even different SDs? Those Ghost frets...
  17. ScutMonkey

    ML1 Pro Traditional White Dove with upgrades

    The black on white aesthetic of the pickups and knobs is fantastic. Looks magnificent.
  18. ScutMonkey

    Best Mesa clones?

    So in my learning of what I like I've discovered I really enjoy the tones from the Mesa Mark V and Mesa Dual Rec. I know, get in line, right? Well, there's no way I can bring myself to drop $1k on a tube amp so I'm wondering if there are any clones which are worth looking at?
  19. ScutMonkey

    David Gilmour on selling his iconic guitars

    It's hysterical how coldly critical he is about it. I love it. "It's only a chunk of wood with bits of wiring strung all over it."
  20. ScutMonkey

    What metronomes do you use?

    Sorry, I played drums for over 10 years and while I wouldn't say I'm a great drummer, I can now hear stuff that isn't on time that I couldn't hear before. The best example is Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden. "I don't use a click track." Well no shit.