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    Why My Technique 'Sucks'

    I do know what you mean and I do agree that everyone should always be working towards music rather than technique for its own sake but as far as I'm concerned if you have time to work on one then you have time to work on the other yourself. People seem to have a strange misconception that...
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    Why My Technique 'Sucks'

    I don't think I did, just throwing in my $0.02 on the idea that you should focus more on your strengths than your weaknesses. I disagree, I think you should focus on each equally in mental terms but practice the things you're bad at more; that's how you improve as a player. I do agree that...
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    Why My Technique 'Sucks'

    I hate to be the bearer of arsehole-ery but that seems to be all I actually do on the interwebs so here goes: Adji, your way of accenting isn't unique, you pick in all the places that make the work for your fingers easiest. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but it's a very guitaristic way of...
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    ElectroFunk Jam

    I must be doing something wrong here, I can't seem to find this track on the jamtrackcentral website at all :confused: Stellar playing from both of you though, just brilliant!
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    PC Problems

    And of course you'd know all about Dan and his rude sites? =3
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    MonkeyFest 2011 - The Movie

    Damn Je6i propaganda...
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    ... DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. Also: this game is awesome. I sat down to check it out about 4 hours ago and I've only just stopped playing. Looks pretty damn glorious with the new graphics card as well! :bounce:
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    Tesseract Breakdown Help...

    Pete Graves (from Red Seas Fire) has a cover of this on his youtube channel and I found the GP on there, I can't remember if it was in the description or comments but either way, I think the download link is dead now anyway. Here's the cover either way:
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    Tesseract Breakdown Help...

    That tab is wrong, I'm sure that's not helping you play it right :p Try this version of the riff and see if you have any more luck:
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    I finally have it downloading on Steam right now... however, I'm not going to play it until my new graphics card turns up tomorrow, hahaha. It's going to take friggin' ages to finish downloading anyway -_-;
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    FS - Ashdown FA60DSP combo amp

    Unfortunately not, not only would a cube 60 get absolutely no use from me but I need the money to fund PC upgrades more than anything else.
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    FS - Ashdown FA60DSP combo amp

    Bump and price drop, £150 O.B.O. Couple of pictures of the thing here: It's really in very good condition, works perfectly, someone must want it.
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    1,000,000 Posts

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    Ban the person above you. (forum game)

    Banned for being Mr Pink. You big girl :p
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    ML-7 ideas

    It's all preference, that's just the experience I've had with the PRSs I've played. Never liked a single one of them, which is not good since I've played some pretty high-end ones, haha. For the record, I don't play strats either :p