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    People with guitars who don't know what they are doing

    Here's one from my Adsense login page.
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    Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Der Hauptmann / The Captain 8.5/10 Nothing to do with Andertons, it's the Nazi version of 'Catch Me if You Can'. You go from rooting for the protagonist (Willi Herold) to being repulsed by his evil acts. Stand out scene for me was when he happens upon the captain's uniform and as he munches...
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Father's Day today. Got a pack of strings :clap:
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    NGD - 80's MIJ Fernandes RTE60 '59 in white tele

    I still rue the day I sold on my The Revival strat. It was a heay old beast but tremendous quality. Fantastic series by Fernandes. Well done and congratulations.
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    How are you doing?

    We've got off lightly over here, at least as far as the first wave is concerned. So I have nothing to complain about. BUT, human nature being what it is, I am frustrated that my income is half what it should be and I am working harder than normal to provide a level service that is less than...
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    Forum Jam Winter 2019-20

    OK, I got around to listening to these and yeah, I take my hat off to you lot. Well done fellas :clap::clap:
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    Forum Jam Winter 2019-20

    Will give it a listen tomorrow, thanks man.
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    Forum Jam Winter 2019-20

    Did you guys get anywhere with this? I would love to know what you did with that backing 'cos I couldn't find a way into it.
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    NGD - Bullet from a Friend

    Score. Would like to see @flawlessandeternal back on here from time to time...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hwyl! Sister lives near Mumbles. Got my first #decent# guitar in Picton Music in the Picton Arcade in Swansea circa 1989.
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    For Sale Coming Soon... MarkE's Bargain Guitar Clearout...

    Mark, will you ship to Japan :D:D
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    The "What pissed you off today" thread

    Saw this yesterday -- it gives a bit more of a break down of the excess deaths compared to background deaths.
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    Games from my Childhood

    Texas Instruments Ti994A (should have bought a Sinclair 48) --- Played games like PacMan and Space Invaders. I have no desire to play games like that anymore. I got a used Amiga 500 in about 1992 to run Cubase.
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    The "What pissed you off today" thread

    The kids will be staying at home until April .......... :eek::eek:
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Here's the thing. I'm O neg and I commonly gave blood in the UK. But here in Japan, I can't give because I was resident in the UK in the 90s when there was the Mad Cow disease thing. They blanket ban everyone!! Sad really.