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    Lady Gaga Djent

    The Meshuggah and Behemoth ones are better.
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    duncan hills coffee jingle solo

    Skwisgaar > all.
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    Monkey Lord Tour

    What this man said.
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    Long Hair!

    Long hair is manly. As proven by ManOwar. Hence, long hair all the way.
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Windrider's new album. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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    First band, not playing my 1st instrument - Discuss

    Just go for it. It'll push you to learn faster, and if a guitarist leaves/is kicked out in the future you &quot;offer&quot; to take his place...
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    The "What pissed you off today" thread

    My computer completely failing to transmit any sound. It registers the signals, it says everything's working, but nothing is coming out. Not like I was recording a demo or anything... Damned machines.
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    Roland Grapow is awesome. Like a less egotistic Malmsteen in my opinion... I think Grapow (and Uli Kusch) were better in Helloween though.
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Getting closer to learning blast beats.
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    Anyone from Scotland? Im moving there maybe!

    Edinburgh based drummer here.
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    Quick! Buy lots of Monkey Lord stuff before it's too late!

    *checks pockets* 36p and a bit of fluff?
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    It should be law for mandolin players to learn the Spinal Tap mandolin solo on Stonehenge.
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    List the artists/bands you listen to

    2Believe 36 Crazyfists AC/DC Aerosmith Alestorm Alice Cooper Allerjen Amon Amarth Amorphis Angra Apocalyptica Art Pepper As I Lay Dying Atryeu Attack Attack! Austrian Death Machine Avenged Sevenfold Bal-Sagoth Battleheart Battlelore Billy Talent Black Sabbath Blur Bob Dylan boysetsfire Brother...
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    What are the guitar solos that give you goosebumps?

    Victim of Fate by Helloween I Want Out by Helloween Insurrection by Gamma Ray Rebellion in Dreamland by Gamma Ray Everything Buckethead's ever done
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    OiNK Owner Walks Free

    Torrent sites.