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    Listen to this. I got this problem with ml3 trad 2015

    Sounds like the pickups is extremely microphonic, for some reason. Checking the wiring could be a benefit. Make sure it's not grounding the *good* sounds and then putting the sounds meant to be grounded out to the amp. The output would be greatly lowered, if this were the case, so try tracing...
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    Who are 5 guitar players that blew your mind?

    Rick Nielsen Him and his multi-neck guitars and beautiful air of silliness, hopping around, while playing away, always enjoying himself. Always makes me smile. What an absolute gem. :D Joe Satriani I never understood "shred" or "virtuoso players", ever, until I started playing guitar, and then...
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    the g.a.s thread.

    You have reminded me that I never got my hands on the limited run Sandblasted Ash Strats. The blue ones, specifically. Lots of red ones going up for sale, but never blue ones, anymore. I have a Strat, so I am distracted juuust enough not to care, I mean, I don't need 2 Strats, after all. ... And...
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    NGD - Late Birthday Present

    Strats all around, as of late, heh. I love a good, odd color on a Strat. Then again, my favorite vintage Strats are black ones and white ones, so... maybe I just love Strats. Also, the fretboard had me squinting, trying to figure out if it was rosewood or not, but the last picture kinda...
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Saw this dog 3 times, quietly resting in a shopping cart, as it was wheeled around Walmart. Finally got the chance to get its picture when they happened to be outside, as I left. Adorable, majestic bugger wouldn't even look at me, for the picture. Absolutely insulted.
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    Trees are good. Wood is good. Dog is good. You're all set.
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    The 'Quick question' Thread

    Have you checked the depth of the nut slots? If that one is too low, it could cause some buzz higher up. Also, just a thought, but loosen off the string and tighten the nut around the tuner for it, if you have those kinds of tuners. Other than that, well, buzz is hard to diagnose, and can drive...
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    Gibson to make sloped dovewing headstocks standard on Epiphone guitars

    These are the designs in question (NOT the one Music Radar's article has as the main image, which I dislike). Could be interesting. I'd like it.
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    Random Guitar image

    From the local Craigslist... '87 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman.
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    NGD - Yes, it's Purple.

    I am far from an expert on single coils (or Strats, considering I've only had a "Starcaster" and a Squire Affinity...), but from what I've played in the past, these... feel better. Each pickup has its own voice, and none feel like I'll be completely neglecting them, or anything (yes, even the...
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    NGD - Yes, it's Purple.

    Not gonna write a book about it just yet, but after some chats with the lovely @Lonestar , about my desire for a Strat, he unexpectedly presented something pretty in purple, that was just about ready to go... Needless to say, I was a wee bit interested. After some shopping and decision making, a...
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    Random Guitar image

    Behold, the Punk Roctopus, in its natural environment. (Yes, I drew it, and yes it's in Sharpie marker, because I'm a frickin' professional.)
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    The 'What are you Playing now' Thread

    So it wasn't like an episode of Blue's Clues, with you wandering around a music store, aimlessly looking everywhere but the Blues section, and asking the audience "What do you want me to see? Where is it? Blues? No, I don't see any Blues, here... Where are the Blues?" Disappointing.
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    the g.a.s thread.

    GAS... sated.* *for now...
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    What put a smile on your face today?

    2 pups from a litter we raised and sold ages ago, went on to a loving, musical family, and were immediately dubbed Gibson and Fender. Gibby and Fen are good dogs, with good names. Just saying.