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  • Hello Angel! So great to have Your cheery good wishes coming my way. I live two miles from Lake Erie, and most Winters we get smashed with snow. Luckily, there is a strong El Nino sytem in the Pacific Ocean. it gives us a really mild Winter, and sure enough, it was a really nice Winter. It's awesome to hear from You, and here's a big bear hug coming Your way! Love Ya' Girl, me me
    Hey BA! Merry Christmas Girl! I hope that You have a cool Holiday Season, and AT LEAST get a cool pedal or something. You really deserve a Mesa Boogie full stack, so I hope that someone comes through for You. Qi wish You Peace and Happiness through the holidays and the new year. Take care buddy! I'll try to check in more often! Love Ya', Ajay
    Hi BA. Your axes are AWESOME! Please let me know how to jam with You folks when the Christmas or Winter Jam starts taking place. I want to jam with You. We could make history doing a duet like Duane Allman and Dickey Betts!
    Nice lookin' guitar BA! I hope it fits Your hand better, and I hope that You're feeling great!
    Hello BA! Glad to hear all of Your posts so upbeat! It sounds to me like You're feeling good, and that makes me feel good! If You haven't bought Keith Richards' Crosseyed Heart, I hope that You give it a listen on YouTube anyway. It's just the kind of music that makes You feel good! More later! Your Pal, Ajay
    It's the CUBE 30x Ajay. I'll pop downstairs and have a look at it tomorrow - thanks for the tip bud!
    Hey BA! If Your Roland is a CUBE 30, You do have an input for Your CD Player or MP3 Player. Remember, the volume is controlled by Your CD Player or MP3 Volume, just so You don't crank out Your speaker. Just run a cord from Your iPad to the back of Your amp, and Your YouTube concerts sound AMAZING!
    Hey BA, does Yourr Amp say I-Cube Link on the control panel next to a smaller plug input? I suppose if it doesn't it would have the 1/8" input on the rear panel. Hope Your weekend is AWESOME! Your Pal, AJ
    Thanks Doll. Glad to hear You sounding so "UP"! Nobody deserves to be Feelin' Fine than You Angel!
    Hey Girl! I hope that You get Your Chapman soon. I have decided to keep my LPJ. I played it today, and it just sounds too good, besides looking very cool. Thanks for slapping me into consciousness. It helps to have friends when You're about to make a bad guitar decision!
    I loved the Autumn Jam Sooz! I adored Your Part. Are you certain that Your name isn't Suzy Gilmour? I had the same freefall feeling from Your Jam that I get when David lifts off on Comfortably Numb.Awesome sounds on that cut! Maybe The Winter Jam will have a few bars from a Yank! Love Ya' Playin' Suzy! AJ
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