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    The Helix Strand

    General rule is if the amp sounds better don't buy. Do you really need the many options and what about support after purchase?
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    Picking up some pick ups and understanding the 80's metal sound

    As for other gear Rockman distortion generator, chorus, delay etc Marshall JCM800
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    Gear rules / preferences?

    Rules? 1 Don't compromise 2 No locking tremolo 3 A US brand 4 Cost is irrelivant happiness is not 5 Know what you want and stick to it 6 Must at all times feel 100% right in mind and spirit. That is it!
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    Is it possible to teach anyone how to play faster?

    Some investing in Troy Stetina speed mechanics book could be essential to your applied technique.
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    Making Do - How have folks gotten by on a tight budget?

    Whatever it takes! In Denmark we have some education support which is for basic living while study is happening. Being + 18 I could put gear investments on monthly payments and that worked well. Still a firm stable income is needed when you do no longer apply for education support. So...
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    Thoughts on Gear and GAS

    Oh god were do I begin? At first it was thrash metal back in 1991 when I started playing electric and I had to figure it out myself. The only music store I eventually became a great customer at knew nothing or could advice on what to use. So it was a alot of trial and errors with guitars...
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    10 Year Gear Challenge...Bring it on!

    I have had this homebuild Stratocaster since 1995 or so with Schecter ash body dated September 1977, Fender Eric Clapton signature neck 1990 and Fender CS69 1998 pickups. So far only 3 upgrades. The last time was 2014 where the most physical change was to Fender US gold hardware.
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    What metronomes do you use?

    I use an older BOSS db60 which is cool and simple. But also lately I have started to use my Zoom 234 drum and bass machine which should have a metronome I need to find but so far the basic patterns is where I am starting to get used to it. I have attached the Zoom to my Tascam 414 4 track...
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    Mesa Boogie 290 Simul-Class Stereo Tube Power Amp

    Finally got a 295 poweramp in December 2018
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    Looking for a Boss se70

    I am looking for an old effects unit called BOSS SE-70 for my Mesa/Boogie rig. Since its a small unit it fits one rack space with my Rockman octopus. I can only so far find a BOSS SE-50 in Denmark so I want to know if UK has one that are willing to ship as I otherwise have to import from Japan.
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    I have been into not of this earth by Joe Satriani lately
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    How loud do you play at home?

    Not too loud or too much right now. While December finally brought me a nice Mesa/Boogie 295 poweramp which can be counted on being very rare in Denmark I still have to get cabinets of choice and retube it as that still has original '90s powertubes in. But I realized that the recording outputs...
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    Post Your Rig

    That is a very cool Les Paul waiting for action!
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    The evolution of a partscaster

    On to part 3 of upgrades the 2014 version. By then I started to feel some pots not really working the way they used to and I did still did not know what pots were in at all. So on to finally myself go to nearly fully dismantle this guitar to see what I will find. The Schecter ash body had a...
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    Multi NPD! Tone city selection

    Let the effect war begin!