Bare Bones

Bare Bones is a collection of professionaly recorded, mixed and mastered demos that were never properly released or promoted. This collection catalogs my musical career from the year 2000 up to 2010.


Available in MP3 and WAV format. This is not a physical CD.

01 – Bleed the Light
02 – Black Fly
03 – Tibetan Cloud Dream
04 – White Rose
05 – Mantra of the Monkey Lord
06 – Breath
07 – Phantom Power
08 – Follow the Valley
09 – Tree of Life
10 – Breath (Acoustic)
11 – Majesty
12 – Flash Flood
13 – Bleed the Light (Original) (Bonus Track)
14 – The Monkey Lord’s Pizza Song (Bonus Track)

All tracks produced by Rob Chapman, with the exception of Breath (Eddie Kramer) and Mantra of the Monkey Lord (Max Bisgrove).

All tracks mastered by Paul Annis at Maplewood Studio, with the exception of Breath & White Rose.

All guitars & vocals by Rob Chapman.

Bass & drums on Bleed the Light, Black Fly, Tibetan Cloud Dream, White Rose, Mantra of the Monkey Lord – Simon Le blond and Ian Brenchley.

Bass & drums on Breath & Phantom Power – Paul Annis (AKA Stick) and Anthony Stevens.

I used Chapman Guitars (ML1), PRS Guitars, Vintage Guitars, Faith Acoustic Guitars, D’Addario strings and picks, Orange Amps, Cornford Amps, Marshall Amps, Dunlop/MXR effects and Dimarzio pickups.