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Hi Rob, Hi Guys a question for Chapman owners Ive bought a ML1 Pro Modern and love it I got it as previously owned from Guitar Guitar, can any one tell me when it was made? the serial number is WMI17090155
Started with a Washburn Falcon, back in 1982 - my first 'Brand New' guitar since my first in 1964. Bought in Kingfisher Music, Fleet. Was looking for a Les Paul, but could't afford the price they were asking. Just come out of the RAF and had a small gratuity, so decided to purchase the Falcon.. Got the full range now - including Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, T-Bird and three (3) Ravens also Scavenger and Vulture Basses.
Brand new member. Old as dirt guitarist. I'm on disability now,and money is tight. My heart bleeds to buy my first Chapman guitar. In the interest of having not much cash,can I get away with a "non-pro" Chapman guitar?? Strat,Tele,or Ghostfret body style all acceptable to me. I have a Strat,a few Epiphone Les Pauls, and a gorgeous double cut Wolf solid body dual humbucker guitar. Any guidance,or thoughts???