X Box One X

Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
We have been enjoying the X Box since Kerry bought it the other day, Forza Horizon 4 has been on solidly! I was a huge fan of the first Horizon game on 360 back in the day, the whole festival vibe captured my imagination.

I've been researching 4k tv's and hopefully I can buy one within a week or so, I'm really looking forward to seeing the graphics. It won't be super expensive though, probably around £500 since sorting out re doing the bathroom is going to cost a pretty penny.

What's good on Xbox these days then? Nothing first person though, neither of us can play them, we just get motion sickness.

Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
I spend most of my life on Elder Scrolls Online haha
The Hitman games are pretty good and you also have Fallout 4? Those would be my non-first person choices :)
Thanks dude. Kerry signed up to the game pass and downloaded a load of games to try out. She also got 9 games second hand for £40 the other day so we're not short on games now!

She's playing The Escapist at the moment, she seems to like it.


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If you want something to make you think and you like strategy games I HIGHLY recommend Stellaris: Console Edition. Get the deluxe edition though as it has more "make-gooderer" dlc included :):D