World of Tanks - an addiction ?


That's not new, its always been there.
Em & Han (& me) got PS4s* for Christmas. E&H are so into Minecraft its borderline problematic But they can play in separate rooms to keep the peace.

I'm currently addicted to World of Tanks (free to play on PS4) - which I used to pay on PC a loooooong time ago, but its got its armour piercing hooks back into me.

Though I'm looking to break this addiction with a used copy of Project Cars 2. Vvvvrooooom Screech, failure to observe track limits, pitlane penalty etc. I'm looking to use my old GT Force wheel for racing when I can get an adaptor to use it with PS4 - there are a a few available, just got to pick the right one.

*Late to the party, but I've brought booze.

ed lespaul

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Most games are an addiction. I've been playing Battlefield for many years. I'm currently addicted to Battlefield 4. I bought BF1 and gave it a real chance. It's just unbearable, and I had to give it up. One of my friends said it best "It's not fun, it's a grind." I went back to BF4. I guess it's an addiction. But then again, it's a better addiction than Facebook.
I completely agree with @ed lespaul that all games are an addiction. When you really like the game you want to play more and more. but sometimes you can control your game addiction and sometimes no. I found such definition on Wikipedia "a distinct behavioral addiction characterized by excessive or compulsive use of computer games that interferes with a person's everyday life". I think that it is very important for every person to realize that he or she has this game addiction. I understand that I am addicted to online casinos . I can play them with my phone everywhere. However, I realize that I have such a problem and I'm trying to find a solution.