Which of these options would be best

In my region I am watching a few amps on ebay its between a blackstar id core 20 v1 for $100 usd an orange crush pix 20LDX for $135 usd and a marshall mg30cfx for $165 usd

I intend on playing rock like queens of the stone age and Foo Fighters and that sort if stuff aswell as a bit of metal like ghost

Just wondering which would do the best for that regardless of price and which is the beat value regarding the price


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Try the katana50.. Yes it's a bit more expensive but I really think it's a better amp that'll serve you for a lot longer.
I haven't played on the 3 that you mention personally but on youtube people prefer the katana. (I do actually own that next to a nice tube amp)

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I've got the ID Core 20 v2, and I'm not a fan. The clean sounds are fine, and it manages a fair approximation of the Roland JC 120, but that bullshit "tone control" is next to useless. Not sure how the v1 differs, but I can't really recommend it (sorry Alice).

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The Big Kahuna (again!)
When I'm not playing through amp modelling software such as TH3, Amplitube 4 and Guitar Rig 5 (which is most of the time), I play through my Zoom G5n. If you can pick one up at the right price, I'd be tempted to go that route, and stick it straight into the PA.