What should I make next?

What should I make next?

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This is a bit early since I still have plenty of work to do on the pencil tele, I have to finish my river table and I also need to make a new neck for another guitar soon, but at some point in the next month or so I will probably start working on my next build. I'm in several minds as to what to build, and I thought that, just for fun, I'd open it up for discussion here.

The following are some ideas that have wandered through my mind in recent times, and I'll add a poll but I'd also be interested in any other suggestions. There's also the possibility of making a guitar for someone, since I don't currently have any builds on order, and if anybody is interested in that please post below or PM me.

So here are some options, but I look forward to your creativity!

1. Burnt Bass
My daughter (who is 20) has expressed some interest in me making a bass for her, and she likes the burnt guitars. I recently bought a burny thing for my resin projects, so that's totally doable (I also have a little fire extinguisher in my workshop!). However, this is a little bit on the back burner :)rolleyes:) because I thought it might be good to start working on it during the summer when she's on her university holidays and we can design it together.

2. V Bass with flame maple top
The cocobolo bass is currently in a sad place, because for some reason I can't get the truss rod to straighten the neck. This is rather annoying since I want to have two basses, and I sold my Yamaha so I currently only have one usable bass (my Chapman MLB-1). I'm tempted to make another, neck-through bass and to make it a V just for the hell of it, using a nice flame maple top (which I have) and some padauk for a revealed body stripe. This probably sounds awful but I'm sure I can pull it off - after all, John Ambler told me I had a good eye for guitar design!

3. Headless Halo design
A while ago, there was a little craze here for using the Halo Guitars online guitar design tool and posting mockups. I came up with something weird, and that's on my build list. It's a headless, Strandberg-like guitar with a gaudy top, and could be a fun experiment. The picture is below.
Halo mockup.jpg

4. 5-string Bass
I don't really have any further ideas than just a 5-string. This could be the V bass, or it could be another style. I wouldn't mind having a 5-string bass; on the other hand, it's far from a necessity. Perhaps I could combine this with some kind of experiment in marquetry on the top!

5. Resin River Guitar
The river table was actually a side-project and my original intention was to make a guitar using resin. Ben Crowe of Crimson Guitars has recently said that they will start selling resin, river-style tops which are one option, but I also thought it could be interesting to do one where the river runs all the way through the guitar. I have a couple of large pieces of yew that are currently earmarked for a dining table, but I could repurpose one of them into a guitar body (or several), or buy something else.

6. None Of The Above
Or, your suggestions below!

I look forward to your votes, suggestions, comments and general badinage! :)


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I'll make one to order if you're seriously interested - don't forget that I've already made one baritone! I do't really play that one but it's a fun guitar, and perfectly playable.
Thank you, I'll have a think about it. I'm not sure if I'm just creating an issue in my head, i have a nice baritone which I like in almost every way but I keep wishing it had a TOM style neck angle. It's bit of a stupid reason to replace it!
What about a resin river semi-hollow body in a Rickenbacker style - routed out from the back with a back cover glued on.
With LEDs inside so that the river part glows? ;)

I've just spent €750 on a load of wood for future builds. It's a bit shocking how little wood one gets for that money - that was only three 2-piece bodies, two tops and four defective ebony fretboards (costing €0.60 each) which I will use to make decorative veneers / strips. Nice wood is awfully expensive - and the place where I bought them (Maderas Barber, in Spain) is cheaper than the specialist retailers in the UK.

The bodies are curly maple, black limba and zebrano, and the two tops are both maple (one quilted and one flamed) - the links are for anyone who wants to visit the website where I bought them and have a look. I expect them all to sit around for months or more, which is fine as they can fully dry in my garage before they get used. The maple body and one of the tops will be earmarked for @johnniegoat's suggestion, which is something that I'd like to make at some stage although I'm not sure if I am skilled enough yet to do that - it might wait for a while. Anyway, it's good to have a few nice pieces of wood in my store.
I see that the river guitar is a popular option...I think I've decided to start on two builds and just take it slowly, which has the advantage that I can leave things to settle for a while as I work on the other one, like the necks. We decided not to use the pieces of yew that I bought for a dining table, so I attacked one of them and worked out more or less what to do for the body. I'm now in the process of making the mould for the resin pour, but here's the wood for the body.
Body 1.jpg

I haven't decided anything else, like the neck, pickups, scale length or hardware. I'll have a think about all of that in time, but first of all I'll just focus on making a body. I will also have to think about the colour for the resin...

Past that, I think I'm going to work on a neck-through bass, possibly making it a 5-string V to combine two of the bass options above. Again, though, at the moment I'm going to just work on the neck (although I have to have a good idea about the thickness of the top for the neck angle), and the rest of the build will be worked out later. I looked around my wood store and dug out some pieces of wood that are long enough (115cm), and I will draw it out and then possibly start cutting them into shape tomorrow.
I'm starting to think about hardware and pickups for this guitar. I probably won't be able to do very complex electronics since the wood for the body is rather shallow (about 34mm IIRC), which precludes things like push-pull pots. Still, should I go ultra-simple, such as just one pickup (like Ben Crowe in his two most recent strange builds), or something like high-output, or a particular visual look...?

If this guitar remains as an experiment for me, I'll be looking to keep the pickups fairly cheap (Irongear or something similar). If one of you would like me to build it for you, then we can put whatever you want! At this stage, all I have is a couple of pieces of wood and a mould (you haven't seen it yet, but I've made the mould that will contain the resin when it's poured in). Everything else is up for ideas!

In parallel, I'm working a bit on the through neck for the bass, and specifically on making some of the neck laminates tapered, which is not entirely straightforward.
The funny thing is that after I got that glued up last night, I had a serious think about the size of the body and realised that this is too small. Fortunately, I left more extra wood on the flame maple cap that will go on top of this (the padauk will be a reveal carve), but I do need to make a second, larger version of the padauk. Never mind - I'll hang onto this for a future guitar!

The through neck should get glued up today too.