What put a smile on your face today?


That's not new, its always been there.
I'm having my contract possibly extended a month. Another month of access to the redeployment jobs (more adverts and protected salary if the job has a lower one), and another paycheque in the bank.

My AMG mats from a Merc breaker came today - £20 as they have a little frayed edge (easily repairable) - yippee - the 'not quite fitting' aftermarket ones can go ! They're busy drying after a quick but necessary shampoo.

And I bought a pedal (Germanium big Muff....which is more of an OD/Distortion apparently....but I'm still stoked)..


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Was out walking Bertie round the village this morning and loads people would stop and say hello to Bertie, calling him by name, yet they had to ask for MY name as they forgot or didn't know. My dog is better known than me lol!
Get used to it! We don't recognize some of our neighbors without their dogs with them.

The description I gave this one:
A song for the denizens of Midian who daily push against their restraints of the light, to issue forth from beneath and revel in the night.

Not sure when it turned into somehow being about Nightbreed, but it did, and there you go. :bounce:


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3 squirrels in the garden today, turns out they've buried nuts all over the lawn. little (cute) bastards..... :)

Been listening to Heart 80's for the last 4 hours, some amazing songs. Maybe the wine, but Don't Stop Believing sounded better than it has in ages, and Footloose never fails to raise a smile. Hardly a duffer been played.
Oh the more innocent days...

Does it get any better than this.:D
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My wife and I have had Covid for over a week now, going from bed to sofa and back again and not much more. I cannot believe the amount of support have had from neighbours, friends and family! From cooked meals delivered to deliveries of supplies and care package (chocolates, bath salts and goodies).

We are honoured and outstanded by this amazing support and in awe of them all. There is real hope in this world.

That is all.


That's not new, its always been there.
I put a bird feeder in my garden a month ago, and other than a magpie taking a look, hadn't seen a single taker. This morning I looked out the window, a grey wagtail (not a common garden bird), 5 starlings, and a blue tit all in my garden at once. Amazing! Lot's of bad news going around, but nature never fails to cheer me up.
After 20 years working for the same supervisor, she bought me a bird table as a leaving present. It attracted a Robin.... The Robin attracted Catcat..... And..... Circle of life....... FB_IMG_1606053496276.jpg

Nb. I intervened and Robin flew off.


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@Tankman lovin' the page dude. A great idea.

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Thanks! Please feel free to spam it to all your music and/or gaming friends. My goal is to show how I'm being productive so maybe somebody can take somebody from it for themselves. I'm also thinking of ways of how to incorporate my journaling.

I'm also thinking of adding YouTube to it. Not sure what to do there yet. I did film an unboxing of the Akai. Maybe I'll just upload that to start with.