What put a smile on your face today?


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Guess the movie names

Some I know for sure, others I'm really reaching.
1 silence of the lambs
2 jurrasic park
3 free willy
4 the horse whisperer
5 finding nemo
6 stuart little
7 forrest gump
8 psycho
9 groundhog day
10 the devil wears prada
11 four weddings and a funeral
12 the net
13 dirty dancing
14 stop or my grandma will shoot
15 see no evil hear no evil
16 ---
17 game of thrones
18 amsterdamned
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1. Never Gonna Call Any Of You
2. Tango-Rex and Cashasaurus
3. Fathers, Lock Up Your Dolphins
4. Manhorse 2: Giddyup Boogaloo
5. So, Your Child Has Moved From Burning Ants to Fish
6. Rodent Uber
7. Documentary on: The Camera They Use to Shoot "Between Two Ferns"
8. Shower Chef
10. "Drag" Me To Hell
11. Rings of Death
12. Canadian Pharmacy: A Love Story
13. Hey, Dude! I Pooped Myself at the Disco!
14. Driving Miss Daisy 2: Riding Shotgun
15. Not Today, Satan
16. Starve, Wish, Lust
17. Let's Kill Frosty!
18. pRon