What put a smile on your face today?


That's not new, its always been there.
We try to get 'nice' things for out cat, beds, scratching posts, treats etc. She universally hates them. It's like she is saying 'I'm a wild cat, me. Don't try to domesticate me with soft ways'.
Catcat is the opposite, she likes a cuddle, and somewhere warm and cosy to sit/sleep. She's also pretty chatty, doesn't smell or fart, and seems patient enough to teach us about how to look after a cat. Here fave game is to sit inside her pop up tent (Tescos £5ish), we tap the tent - anywhere, and she hits your finger before you can pull it away. She likes 10 mins of this ninja training per day.


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We got this great tower for our cat. So he could sit high, climb a bit. Play..
But nooo he sits on it when we bribe him but shows no interest whatsoever the rest of the time..
Empty boxes on the other hand..

Worse, after his operation and not being allowed outside.. he has now decided that going outside is all good fun. But pooping inside is way more comfortable.
He does on the litter so I don’t dare to correct him. But shoveling poop out is annoying.

he may be a bastard but he’s our one eyed cuddly cute bastard :)


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Yesterday I took my Peavey Classic 30 JD30-T combo to a amplifier repair place. It was making a slight fizzy sound and I couldn't work out why.

I met the most helpful gentleman. He went through lots of different things and in the end it was a 12ax7 that was microphonic which was causing the fizziness. Tube swapped, all sorted.

Then he played his American tele through it for a bit. He loved how it compressed.

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ed lespaul

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Garth Brooks played a concert in Detroit. He wore a Sanders jersey during the concert. A bunch of people took it that he was supporting Bernie Sanders, and posted about it on social media. These idiots are so engulfed in politics, that they didn't realize he was wearing a BARRY SANDERS jersey. Barry (not Bernie) Sanders is the greatest running back that I have ever seen. He played his entire career for the Detroit Lions and is in the Nation Football League Hall of Fame. That's the jersey Garth Brooks was wearing.

I love that social media gives people the perfect opportunity to show their ignorance to the world.

Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
today i played a '60, '64 and '65 strat. then a '64 tele

at no point was i taken by Mick Taylor-itis and managed to get home and play all my boring more recently build guitars without illness or injury
He REALLY likes that Strat! I watched an episode where they compared it to a couple of other guitars and all I could here was bit of an eq difference. I'm pretty sure all off them could have sounded like the old Strat by using an eq pedal.