What put a smile on your face today?


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Attention: This turned out as a longer post then I intended but I won't deprive you of the energy I feel like now.
TLDR: I've started preperations to fix up my mancave and we decided we're going to move within 3 years.

I cleared up 5 years of crap that build up in the attic. 5 years of handy thingamajiggs, cables that'll come in handy eventually, chargers, 12 year old photo camera's etc..
I've carried down 2 large trash bags with stuff and managed to store away all the other stuff that might ACTUALLY come in handy some day. I thought about throwing out old paint and wood but it might still be usable.

The cause?
Well on the downside.. We're having some leakage and the contractor frowned a lot. Within 10-15 years we'll have to replace the extension that makes up our attic. He wants to replace the roof tiles next to it and redo the lead slabs that guide the water out. This time we're looking at a couple thousand euro.. But eventually It'll be 30k to redo the entire thing.
Add to that we'd like floor heating in the living room and some other changes including one structural.. 30k. A new kitchen.. 10-15k. And we'll need to make the house greener to prepare to stop using gas for heating. So another something like that. All said and done we'd spend near 100k to get the house as we want it (within the limits of the floor plan). While the current value of our place allows us to put money like that into the mortage.. I'd rather spend it on a house we LOVE.
So in light of the failed IVF stuff we decided we won't be living here anymore in 3 years.

So why clean out now? Well the attic is my "man cave" (hush don't let my wife hear me call it that)
The entire attic is.. Boring white, old holes in the walls from old shelves, accentuated by barf yellow.. So I have now gotten the green light to fix it up! So my pc and guitars will be moving to the small bedroom one floor down. I've just worked out a floor plan that just about works..
And then I'll start painting and fixing up the attic. fix up the lighting.. Nice dark manly paneling.. Instead of the cheap ikea chair I'm going to put in a 2 person chesterfield lookalike to sit on while I play guitar and ps4.. And ok ok.. I'll build a desk over the washing machine and dryer in the hallway and I guess I'll give that a new paint job too. So we can enjoy it for the next 2 and something years.. And it'll actually be attractive for people to buy.


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Mrs Neilybob helped me sort out the boxes that where piled up around my guitar room. Most of it was things we hadn't used since the move early last year and most of it went to the charity shops today. Very happy.

Tomorrow we have a night away in Bristol which is only about 1 hour 30 mins from home. I won a free 3 course dinner for two at that tasty restaurant we visited last month ( last time we had 7 courses! and could barely move the next day).

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Magnus Pym

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My daughter has come back to live with us for a bit which is nice but but it does mean I lose my 'music room'. I have a cunning plan though. If I sell my Les Paul Studio faded and my THR10c I would have enough to get a Boss Katana Air which, as it can double up as the bluetooth speaker my wife wants, could live in the living room and give me convenient wireless tones at appropriate times of the day. The anticipation made me smile.


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@Neilybob100 , what is that red Strat? More pics pretty pls!
Thanks for your interest. She is a beauty but well used.

Tokai AST55 1984 MIJ Super Edition HSS that I picked up off of Gumtree while I was working in Nottingham.

Funny story actually, I sold a Epi SG Pro (I just didn't get on with it) to a guy who lived in Nottingham but he couldn't collect it from me in Berkshire but I said I was due be in Nottingham for work in the next week. Then this amazing Red strat appeared on FB marketplace also in Nottingham for about the same price. So I dropped off the SG to my buyer and then drive 1.5 miles to the guy with the red strat. Happy days.

I use it mostly for heavier stuff (maiden, Metallica etc). The pickups sound great. When I first got it I had a luther friend check it out. He also commented on how amazing the pickups sounded and if I ever wanted to let go of it then he was first in line.

Here are some photos for you.

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ed lespaul

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It's completely different when you explain something and show them. I told my son that you could use an EQ to push the preamp, like a Tube Screamer, without the mid hump that a tube screamer gives you. He didn't think I was wrong, but I didn't think that he fully understood. So, I disconnected the tube screamer, and put the EQ before the preamp. Then showed him the big difference a simple EQ used as a boost can have on the sound. The MXR has a level and a gain slider. I pushed the gain all the way up, and it made a huge difference. Pushed the mids up, and it did a decent job of emulating the Tube Screamer.

Just seeing his face after showing vs explaining was definitely worth the time.
This Superball pedal is interesting and will take a minute to figure out. I had some fun right out of the box, just dicking around and twisting things until I like what I was hearing. But I'm playing with setting the lo and hi ranges and dialing in a delay pattern I want to use.
It sounds good with the Polara and Electric Mistress.

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I love when something so simple surprises you. Above, I mentioned about using my EQ as a boost pedal. I created a profile using the EQ as a boost. Most of my guitars have JBs in the bridge, which are on the hotter side. I was surprised that doing this made my cooler pickups sound amazing. It was one of those "Well, duh!!!" moments that is incredibly simple, but for some reason, it surprised me. Now I have to name my profiles for hotter or cooler guitars.