What put a smile on your face today?


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This guy makes me smile - doesn't take himself too seriously. (and I now feel bad about volume and tone knobs on the guitar set to 10)

I've head this before and actually had my previous amp setup like this. It worked very well tonewise but I always had trouble "searching" for the right tone instead knowing exactly what would happen when I pushed a pedal.


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My wife and I each made bucket lists. We each wrote 20 things we want to do before the end of 2025. The fun part is that it includes big things like buying a house, but also smaller things like learning how to solder. Also fun is that some of the things I wrote down are the same as my wife did, so we can do those together. We put each of our 20 on a post it and tacked it to a board in the kitchen. So every morning when we walk in we see it, we are confronted with it and it forces us to do it. This should be good to see how it evolves.

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I use one of these as a tone control!
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You can also put it BEFORE the preamp, and use it as a boost, or even a way to fix your guitar's sound. You can boost or cut frequencies that you like or hate in your guitar's tone.
My GE-7 is used as an eq for my clean channel since both channels share one set of knobs and they are usually set for the dirty sound.


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So life can be a bit of a rollercoaster.. Not a week after the last IVF attempt failed and we're trying to get used to the idea of not getting kids..
My boss comes in and asks me if I'd consider taking on a new role within the company. I can't go into details yet but suffice to say it'd be a step forward. I'm very enthousiastic and it's also giving me a headache since I promised my wife to do a quiet year and don't go for new jobs or such changes..

Life is odd..