What put a smile on your face today?


I... I like trees.
I see someone finally remembered to pay the forum's power bill.

I considered bothering Ol' Bob about it, but decided to see if it just got handled, eventually.
I was also wondering if it may have been because they were finally putting up the new main page, etc, but nope... that hasn't happened.
Oh well.

ed lespaul

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Traded in a few pieces of equipment over the weekend for a Diezel VH4 Synergy module. I just wanted to get rid of some gear that I haven't used in a long time. Might have taken a hit on what I would have sold them for myself, but just wanted them gone. Due to be delivered by the weekend. Looking forward to checking it out.
I don't like suspenders. :p

Dogs are nice, because it's hard to come home after dealing with the effects from people who don't work and just shitty people in general, and not be angry. Mitzi is the world's best dog.
Don't get me wrong. She's horrible at doing most things a dog might do. But the couple of things she does do, she does right. :)
The last three weeks have been about an application for a proper academic position on point with what I've graduated for, an interview, a job offer from the 'new place', a counter offer from the 'old place', a lot of weighing of the options, talking numbers with the 'new place', deciding for the 'new place' and the mention to my 'old place' and all the obvious personal struggles people get whenever collegues catch wind of someone that decides to leave.

It's been hectic, but the end goal should give me more rest, clearer management and also not in the least because of the 75% commute reduction. The situation was a total 180 degrees opposite to my struggle to get employed in the field just after graduation. In that sense I'm also extremely delighted of the situation on it's own.

Good times!


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Saw a 'Tom Jones at the BBC' special at the weekend. On one clip there was a young guitarist beside him who looked suspiciously like Danish Pete. Could that be a thing?
Danish Pete has toured with Tom Jones in the past. There's a rig rundown video with T-Rex Effects on YouTube somewhere. There was also an Ask Chappers episode recently with Peter where he talked about it.

ed lespaul

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The Diezel VH4 module that I ordered was delivered to the store today. Normally, I would run there after work. But, we're meeting some friends for dinner this evening. There is no way that I could get there, and back in time for dinner.

I'll do my part of the dinner conversation, but in the back of my mind, I'll be distracted by the Diezel. :)

ed lespaul

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My wife is the best. Dinner ended by around 7. After dinner, I asked if she wanted to take a trip to Guitar Center to pick up an order that came in. She said "Sure, we're already half way there." Off we went to pick up the Diezel. Took about 20 minutes to drive there, 3 minutes inside, and about 20 minutes back. No traffic what so ever. A quick and pleasant ride.

I briefly checked it out, and WOW, does it sound great. I'll check it out more over the next few days, but I'm thrilled with it.