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Nerd on the Prairie

I have flipped breakers. Unplugged fridge and freezer. Bought a power conditioner. Changed light bulbs from fluorescent to LED. The power conditioner really helped, but it was still in the background. Just not enough to effect me. Then I rebuild the Dime and for some reason this guitar really made that maddening electrical noise stand out. I thought it was the guitar. After doing everything I could think including soldering all the connections over, replacing tone cap and then tone pot, and shielding the cavity. I began to question my soldering abilities, which are not great but serviceable. Tonight I tried isolating my pedals and cables. I found that even plugging straight into the Amp I was having the same noise and running my dirt pedal on a battery had little effect.

I then turned my attention to the power strip I had the conditioner plugged into. It had a light plugged into it, my laptop charger, and a 1 spot pedal power brick plugged into it as well. I just started pulling cables out with the amp on. When I pulled the laptop charger out the noise went away completely!! The laptop wasn’t even plugged into the charger.

This is something that has bothered me for a couple years. I feel like a dolt because it took me this damn long to figure that out, but happy to have isolated the issue and it wasn’t my soldering skills at fault!!!

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Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
Scheduled for delivery this coming Tuesday. And then after I check it out thoroughly it will be hidden away and wrapped until Christmas. :bounce:
I had to promise that if I got it now. The price was just too good to pass up.
But that thorough check could damn well take weeks! ;)

Squier contemporary tele. Alnico humbuckers, 12" radius.

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Nice, these caught my eye too. Congrats man.