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So at work I'm writing some code for a web page. I'm trying to get the web page to capture when the user presses the tab key to do some additional process. It's not working. It appears I can't overide what the browser already has it doing. So I thought I check that by changing it to capture CRTL+ALT+SHIFT+TAB, that won't have a default operation will it ... ... [clicks CRTL+ALT+SHIFT+TAB] ---- Woah I didn't know Windows did that!
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Hopefully final studio day tomorrow! All that's left is doing acoustic and clean guitars on two tracks. One has acoustics across the entire song, which will be layered with the electrics I already recorded for the choruses and bridge. The other is just acoustics and cleans with delay on the verses. When I'm done, our vocalist can lay down her tracks for those two songs and then our 5 song EP is gone for the recording part! Yay! No more 90 minute drives on my free Saturday to the studio!


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May be a bit closer to home for WG. 'Shwmae products' in South Wales - not sure they still exist!
Yeah, sadly, they went out of business, as far as I know, due to not being able to keep up with demand and mis-handling things.
Yes, demand for horse onesies was THAT intense (or they were just THAT bad at producing them). :eek:
My response was based off me curiously googling "Horse Onesie" to see what popped up, and top results were Walmart and Etsy (only involving onesies with Horses on them, sadly).

This is a low-supply product, with demand left unmet. Invest!

*Update: I found another company claiming to make them, but with a worryingly-low budget website, heh.

They also do hoods.