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I haven’t really had much time to try out or compare. I immediately re-wired to 16ohm but kept the original wires. The one cab had a split in the wood that i glued and I’m letting that sit overnight.

Initial and brief impressions, the one with the Utah speakers is more mellow and less top end with less break up. The one with the Jensen C12NA and Oxford 12L6 had a little more top and broke up fairly easy.

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It's been all systems go for the last week and it seems we're finally ready to have the work start on installing our new bathroom tomorrow.

I can't believe much shit we threw out of the garage and back room. There were things I've been hanging on to for years that I've finally let go of, lyrics from when I was a teenager and all sorts of things related to my first band.

It feels good.

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About 90% today. Swelling from the widow bites has almost totally gone, no redness or discoloration around the areas. They had swollen up big time and looked a little bruised under the skin. Now they just look like slightly puffy mosquito bites. Found a killer salve that I think helped reduce the healing time a lot. But, shit, I need to find me some of that poison in capsule form because I slept harder the last 2 nights than I have in a long time. :D 10 hours each night. :p

There's a white Epi Firebird VII down at one of the used bookstores for $300 I'm gonna go look at closer. I have $120 in store credit, and I'm taking my yellow Epi LP SL for trade to see if they'll take all that and 50 bucks for it. If it's in good shape, that is. $300 seems low for one, so there might be something wrong with it. If it's electrics I can deal with that. Body damage, no-go.
I’ve been asked out, which is a fucking first. Normally I take an initiative, 9/10 unsuccesfully so. Now I feel like a fucking retarded high schooler again! Who would’ve guessed!

Also plugged my Lester in today and played some tones that blessed my ears, I might actually have some chops or it might be related to the first, have to double check this for science ofcourse. :p

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That Firebird was a bummer. I didn't even need them to take it down off the wall to make up my mind. The last dope who had it painted it with what I assume was off-white latex house paint and a cheap 2-inch brush, painted the pickguard black, and tried aging the hardware. Badly. Had some big donks in it, too. Shame, but I don't want to put that much into fixing anything for that price.

I did get a stripped and beautifully sanded 3-piece strat body and nice maple neck at the antique mall for $35. Mrs. Beans is going to come up with a design and paint it, and I'll seal it. That's a cheap project we can both enjoy. :D

Also found a crimson star adenium and a purple passionflower vine at one of the nearby nurseries. Good day.

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I used part of my trade-in for a Yamaha Pacifica in natural finish. I like it overall. 13.5" radius feels nice, single coils sound really good. It's clean and doesn't have a sign of wear on it. Fretboard and frets have no sign of being used.

Also received a 1:24 scale BTTF DeLorean in the mail today. I think I'm going to find and dismantle a flanger pedal for it, instead of using a delay. :p