What put a smile on your face today?

My wife has taken up this hobby with some friends. Like anything, it helps to have additional enablers to push you along. I appreciate a good pen, but couldn’t tell a Mont Blanc from a Uniball in the dark.
I'll probably never get to the point where I could tell the difference either, even if I did it would be way too much money for me to justify on a pen. I'm more interested in the variety of different nibs as well as the qualities of the inks, but I guess that's the starting point for many. :D


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I always liked using fountain pens. They were mandatory in our elementry school even. @Strigidae , what exactly will you be writing with them? Or do you just collect them?

Last night I went to bed with a big smile on my face. I decided to check Slipknot's Jim Root's Instagram for some reason. I've been GASsing on his signature guitars for years and I've come to a point where I'm either going to save up for the white Tele or have somebody build me a replica of his white Jazzmaster as a backup for my purple guitar, which is my main guitar in the band.

When opening his Instagram, the first thing I see is a close up of one of his white Jazzmasters with his new EMG signature pickups in it. When reading some of the comments, my smile got bigger. He is releasing his signature EMG's and his signature white Jazzmaster soon. He is also having the guitars made in Mexico so the cost can stay lower. I'm currently hoping for it to be €1000-1200 like the Tele. Don't know when it's releasing, but I think my end of year bonus is already spent.
I always liked using fountain pens. They were mandatory in our elementry school even. @Strigidae , what exactly will you be writing with them? Or do you just collect them?
Not much really, I'll be replacing my default pens for more formal stuff like uni-work and cards, I'll also be using them with exercises to improve my handwriting. It might turn into a collection hobby with time but the ones worth collecting are far too expensive for me. As for now it's more something I want to try out of interest rather than necessity. :p


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I'm currently doing a pain management course at a local hospital. We have been doing a lot of work on how to mentally deal with things. There was a bit we were doing this afternoon reflecting on how if we take a step back and analyse certain thoughts, it helps us deal with them. The one we did was about feeling like a bad person/parent. I didn't realise how ingrained I felt as being a bad son, but once I took that step back I suddenly burst into tears infront of the whole group (8 of us today) and felt so much weight come off my shoulders at that moment, that I feel like I've made a big step!

Last session tomorrow, but we have a "What's App" group set up, so we are all going to stay in touch etc as we can all support and help each other. These last 3 weeks have been really hard, but it's been the sitting down and doing the phycology side of things that I struggled with. My poor SI joints have been screaming at me, but I am so glad I didn't drop out like a number of others had done.

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First impressions of the Synergy are : FUCK YEAH!!!! :dance:

Guitar => Synergy => Seymour Duncan PowerStage => Cabinet

Took me about 45 minutes before realizing the cabinet emulation only goes through XLR. Didn't really want to use it, but wanted to see how it worked. After that it was smooth sailing.

Tomorrow, more testing, like FX Loop, etc. Add some Polara reverb to bring it to the next level.


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I checked out three guitar shops in Cardiff and there was pretty nice stuff there including custom shop and vintage stuff. I walked away without trying anything in the end, I was lucky there weren't any Duo Sonics available because I could quite possibly have come home with one.
I have such a strong desire to visit some cool guitar shops more frequently, but they are really scarce in my area. I may need to drive to Cologne soon to visit Music Store. At least there I can try everything I want to check out.