What put a smile on your face today?


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I was seriously considering getting the BodyRez, after seeing Pete's demo.

I looked today on the Kemper forum, and someone was asking about it. There are already 5 profiles of the pedal in different settings 25/50/75/100 and an unknown amount on the fifth. I checked them out, and they were great. I don't need the pedal.
How does that work? Is that an amp profile? Or are there separate effects profiles?

Wade Garrett

I am the projectionist.
Yesterday we randomly walked up a random street which turned out to be a street we had planned to visit. At the end of the street we bumped into the one guy we planned to visit while in Cardiff. It was random as fuck! Two coincidences within 60 seconds, madness!
The Squang has a new H-sized P90ish pickup in the bridge and I'm digging it. Less honky, more tonky. :bounce:Looks good, too, solid chrome cover. Kinda wondering why I didn't buy one for the neck as well. It sounds really poopy right now in comparison. :p