What put a smile on your face today?

Tying into the Kirk and Trujillo posts on a couple threads, this is from about 6 years ago, but first time I've seen it. Made me laugh a little because you can just see Kirk and James feeling the pressure.

I was having a problem getting something I liked out of the Digitech FreqOut. I then watched this video with Pete Thorn's review, and realized I was using it wrong. I turned down some of the settings, and hit the latch mode, and damn, it sounded great.

I'm listening to Led Zeppelin's - The Song Remains The Same concert in the background. I haven't heard it in years. Holy crap Jimmy Page is/was an absolute monster on guitar. They said that was a horrible representation of the band, since it was the last concert of that tour, but damn they were incredible.

The fact there were only 3 musicians (and a singer of course) and had that full sound, is amazing.