What put a smile on your face today?


Addicted to Grunge
My uncle was on the phone to my mum earlier and she mentioned how I've not had an amp since September, next thing I know he's on the phone to me and 25mins later he's turned up at our home with a Marshall practice amp in his car!

I told him about how I've been getting so many conflicting pieces of advice from guitar/amp repair places and he knows a guy who does that sort of thing. He's going to get this dude to get my Silver Jubilee back up and running, making sure I won't have to spend a penny more than is needed to get it back up and running.

This uncle actually was the person who helped me learn the basics on guitar back in '95-'96!

So hopefully in a few weeks I will have my proper rig all working again, which let me tell you is something that has me genuinely hyped!