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I've stated that I play Battlefield games, and have been for a long while. Over the years, I have been suspected of cheating, by people who haven't played as long as I have. When I get checked out, they find I am pretty much the cleanest player in the game.

Anyway, I have been playing on a few servers with some guys that are pretty good, and others are not as good. I liked talking to some of them in teamspeak. While playing, I've been sandbagging it, and still coming out with some ridiculous scores, like last night 54-14 (k/d). This afternoon, I tried to log in and find that I have been banned.....not only from their servers, but their teamspeak server. The message said "Banned for reason: Your skill exceeds server.

On one hand it sucks, because I liked talking to some of them. But on the other hand, it's really funny.

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Dusk - my Revstar RS820CR- has been a revelation for me
Finally, I’ve found a guitar that sounds like a Les Paul but also, crucially, has that LP *swagger* about it when you’re playing it too
And it’s funny how the type of guitar you’re playing can influence the style of songs you write!
I usually write using a Strat and, for me, that guitar is perfect for rock songs with a funk vibe
Things are different when I pick up the Revstar though
This is a intro/riff/verse/chorus of a Zep(?) style song I’m working in at the mo...
https://www.dropbox.com/s/ntl3hwdh5efhkl5/RocknRoll’s Not Dead GBand demo.m4a?dl=0
In short: Revstars = stupidly good guitars for the price point
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So I was trying to save a meme that popped up in my newsfeed from a group, but as I tried to save it it came up no longer available, but it went a little something like this...

Not playing your guitar to save its resale value is like not fucking your girlfriend to keep her pristine for the next guy.

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You know what’s an awful, awful idea at 2:30 am just before going to bed? ”Hey, I’ll just dust off the old Orange and try some clean tones with the Strat”

You know what’s also an awesome idea? A Strat, a looper, a nice amp and to just play for an hour or so undisturbed in the middle of the night. I’m fine with taking that hit when I go up in the morning. :D

bad alice

Easily distracted and...OHLOOKAGUITAR!!!
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