What put a smile on your face today?

When it’s your first day back at work but your footwear didn’t get the memo that Xmas break is officially over...
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And no.
You can’t have them.
They’re MINE.
Aha! Ye olde ‘what is work appropriate shoewear’ debate

I recently bought these:

Too much for the eventual courtroom I guess, although the robe should cover most of it from views! ;)
Browsed my order history at Andertons; Ha! I remember those prices. :D


Not only that the Chapmans have completely changed their price point since, but to put things in perspective, I paid for this order when the GBP-value to my currency was at this point:


And yes.. the reason I checked this today was because I was bored and I like completely useless statistics.
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beans & rice

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Never really been into Funko Pops
But these two, both Xmas presents, make terrific bookends for my fave albums shelf...
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I'm not either. I collect toys, and people that don't think that everything is the same. So I started getting Funkos a few years back. I must have 15 or more by now. I just don't say anything because they're fun enough. And besides, there's never going to be a Purple Rain-era Prince action figure, so I'll take him in Funko form if that's all I can get. :D