What put a smile on your face today?


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I have detailed the additional expenses related to adopting a small dog; I hope to enliven this household within the next few months, a timeline which is not helped by the local SPCA's refusal to provide discounted service to disabled people (despite the fact that every intrinsic aspect of their program for senior citizens also applies to the disabled).

EDIT: To be clear, this means that I will not sell my Jet City head to fund a Ceriatone 2202. For as much as I would love a new amp, I would much rather have a dog; in fact, I cannot think of anything even remotely similar in price which I would rather have.
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I have two days off. I'm going to go out with Ker and keep looking for a car, maybe go for a meal, play some guitar and maybe write and record a song (it's been too long).

Another upside of looking at cars is that guitars look dirt cheap in comparison. That could be dangerous when I go back to buying guitars!
Solved your transport + guitar + rust issue in one fell swoop.
Thank me later.


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Sorry I've been away for a while. Work/life has been mega!

Anyways what has put a smile on the top of my chin today is how the planets have aligned ever so nicely and delivered a easy sale of my Epiphone SG for more than I bought it for ( I had two guys haggling over it on Facebook messager).

It started with me falling in love with an 80s Tokai Super Edition Strat on Facebook. I got it down from £300 to £250 with my experts haggling skills and the seller was a nice guy. Only downside was this axe was in Nottingham 100+miles away from home.

My first happy moment was work asked me to go to Sheffield which means I'll be by passing Nottingham. Result! This also means they pay for the fuel win win.

The second piece was a Facebook message from a guy in Nottingham saying i'd love to buy your SG but I'm 100+miles away from you!

So to cut a long story short, I met a guy near Nottingham and sold my SG and then went and bought a nice 80s Strat with the same £££ and work paid for the journey. Result!

I'm now content.

Only bugger is having to leave the Tokai in the hotel room to go to work. Pffft WiFi upgrades aren't they fun !

Will post a full NGD post when I'm back from work later.

What do you think?

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