Upgrade Pickups on Squier Jim Root Telecaster


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Hey guys,

After some advice (especially on spacing etc.) for some replacement pickups for my Squier Jim Root Tele. Don't want to stick in actives, I'll happily stay with passives, but want to give it some more BALLS but be able to clean it up and chime like a good'un.

All advice happily taken.




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Bare Knuckle Juggernauts
DiMarzio PAF Pros (I like the cleans on these pickups, some people don't)
Seymour Duncan JB/59 set


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Bridge - Bare Knuckle War Pig
Neck - Duncan 59

The War Pig is a gain monster and cleans up really well in my mahogany Jackson. Give a good fat clean sound combined with a 59 and balancing the pickup heights it makes a formidable set.

You could also speak to Ash at Oil City Pickups who can recommend and wind a set for you for the price of one BKP.


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One thing you might consider is wiring the pickups to split in the middle position, which will give you more of a standard Tele-like middle position, which is absolutely brilliant for clean sounds.