Tunomatic to Wrap-over

Hi there,

I'm going to be modding an old Westfield SG copy and making it more like a SG Junior with a wrap around bridge, single humbucker etc.
Looking at the dimensions of bridges and tailpieces etc if i replace to tunomatic style bridge and separate tailpiece with the Wilkinson single wrap-over bridge tailpiece will it fit in the holes where the tailpiece went? If so will that affect the sound of the guitar with the bridge ridges being further way from the pickups?

Any and all advice and tips etc are fully welcomed!
If the Wilkinson thingy is a combined bridge and tailpiece, then it will go in the place of the bridge, not the tailpiece. If you put it at the tailpiece, that will make intonation slightly tricky, to say the least. Don't forget that you will also be left with two holes where the tailpiece used to go - you can use them to store joints while you're playing, or you can try to fill and paint over them. I'm not sure that I'd bother with this change - what benefits do you expect to get from this change?

Re the sound....no idea, and I doubt whether anyone can tell you anything different. It'll still sound like a guitar. If it's slightly more or less bright afterwards, you have tone knobs on your amp.